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Announcing Author Recruitment for Our First Anthology!

A photograph with text overlaid. It shows two figurines of abstract people hugging, a heart pastry before them, two chalices behind them, and a glowing orb to one said. The text reads, "Our first anthology - join us on a mouthwatering magical journey!" The Duck Prints Press logo is in the lower left corner, and in the lower right corner is artwork of a duck and text that reads "we print diversity."


Duck Prints Press LLC is thrilled to announce that the author application for our first anthology, Add Magic to Taste, are now open!

Times are tough and we thought that what the world really needed were some light-hearted stories to make everyone smile. So, we picked themes that never fail to make us smile! The stories for this anthology will incorporate these themes:

  • Setting: Modern worlds with magic
  • Relationships: Queer love stories
  • Locale: Coffee shops, bakeries, tea shops, or the like
  • Trope: FLUFF!

This post is not a call for story submissions! Like a fandom zine, we’re asking prospective authors to submit writing samples. We’ll select authors based on these samples, and the chosen authors will have creative license to create a story of their choice provided it includes the four required story elements. You must write and post fanfiction to apply to this anthology, but all stories in Add Magic to Taste must be original!

If you want to be one of our authors, this is your moment – read more about the anthology and, if you’re interested, send in an application!

Author applications for Add Magic to Taste are open from March 1st to March 15th, 2021.


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