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Help Us Name This Duck!

A graphic showing a white duck with orange beak and feet looking at the viewer. Beside them, it says, "Who am I?" and there is a question mark over their head and additional question marks around them. Beneath the duck is text that reads "Name This Duck CHALLENGE!" and at the bottom of the image is the rainbow duck print logo for Duck Prints Press.


Have you seen Duck Prints Press’s adorable mascot? We affectionately call them Dux, but they don’t ’t have an actual name yet – and we want them to have one! All good ducks deserve excellent names! And we want you to help!

Who we are:
Duck Prints Press LLC is an independent publisher based in New York State. Our founding vision is to help fanfiction authors navigate the complex process of bringing their original works from first draft to print, culminating in publishing their work under our imprint. We are particularly dedicated to working with queer authors and publishing stories featuring characters from across the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ spectrum.

How you can help name this excellent duck:
We’ve been longing to name this duck since they were created, and we’ve had a lot of ideas – but ultimately, we decided we want our Patrons to be the ones to name them!

So, want to help us name them?

Back us on Patreon, and you can!

When we reach 25 patrons (we’re at 19 right now!) we’ll open the floor and take suggestions on what to name this stunning, marvelous example of duck-dom.

(And while you’re pondering names – note that there is a single rule. We want gender neutral names only, please! We don’t define the duck’s gender. That’s for the duck to know, and us all to respect.)

We look forward to meeting our patron goal – and to naming this duck, with your help!

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