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Coming Soon: May Trope Mayhem!

Duck Prints Press will be hosting a small multi-fandom/original fic writing event on Tumblr called May Trope Mayhem! How it works:

  • we’ve put together a list of 31 of our favorite tropes, one per day through the month of May!
  • we’ll announce the prompts on May 1st.
  • open to anyone who wants to create anything, but we’re emphasizing fic writing
  • write a ficlet, or create any other content that you want, aligned with the prompt for the day! (we’re focused on fics, but we won’t say no to art, gifs, etc., if making those floats your boat)
  • our goal is to promote motivation and help with habit building, so we’re encouraging people to keep their ficlets under 1,000 words, or if you make art or a gif or something, to stick to a sketch or a single image.
  • post your correctly tagged fills to Tumblr, and we’ll reblog them! (you must tag warnings such as gore, MCD, sexual content, etc., so that people can avoid triggering material!) If you write more than 1k words, please use a read more, or if you write something with NSFW content or potentially triggering material, please put the entire story under a read more.
  • tag us @duckprintspress with your creations, and we’ll reblog them! If you post to AO3, you can also add them to our collection there! Note that we’ll only reblog works that respect our tagging rules and “read more” usage rules.

This is a low stakes, low pressure challenge, envisioned to help people who’ve been in a writing funk “get back into the groove.”

So, come groove with us – we’d love to see what you create!

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