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Welcome to May Trope Mayhem!

A graphic. The header reads "May Trope Mayhem: A Fic Writing Challenge." Below this is a numbered list, the text of which reads: 1. friends to lovers; 2. "...but I thought you were straight!"; 3. celebrity setting; 4. mistaken identity; 5. wedding day; 6. artist & model; 7. college setting; 8. creature character; 9. coffee shop setting; 10. meet cute; 11. soulmates; 12. didn't know they were dating; 13. first kiss; 14. character has a disability; 15. omg they were roommates!; 16. two person love triangle; 17. sharing a bed; 18. historical setting; 19. arranged marriage; 20. alpha/beta/omega dynamics; 21. love confession; 22. fake dating; 23. awkward flirting; 24. meeting online; 25. trapped together; 26. polyamory; 27. sick fic; 28. fantasy setting; 29. reverse verse/trope inversion; 30. sports setting; 31. friends to lovers.

May Trope Mayhem is a multi-fandom/original fic writing event being run on the Duck Prints Press Tumblr, also open to other content creators if ya’ll are feeling so inspired! We’ve put together a list of 31 of our favorite tropes, one per day through the month of May, and we encourage creators to join us for this month of fun tropey mayhem.

May Trope Mayhem is open to anyone who wants to create anything – art, gif sets, mood boards, etc. – but we’re emphasizing fic writing

Our goal is to promote motivation and help with habit building, so we’re encouraging people to keep their ficlets under 1,000 words, or if you make art or a gif or some such, to stick to a sketch or a single image.

How can you participate? It’s easy! To participate, write a ficlet, a poem, or create any other content that you want, aligned with the prompt for the day! Post your correctly tagged fills to Tumblr, and we’ll reblog them! (you must tag warnings such as gore, MCD, sexual content, etc., so that people can avoid triggering material!) Please also tag fandom and ship, so people can find what interests them! We ask that you put the tags at the top of your post, so they’re easy to find. If you write more than 1k words, please use a read more, or if you write something with NSFW content or potentially triggering material, please put the entire story under a read more.

The primary platform for this challenge is Tumblr – we will NOT be boosting works posted on other platforms (such as Twitter), though you’re still welcome to participate regardless of which platform you’re on. If you post to AO3, you can also add your works to our collection there!

You don’t have to sign up, just post your fills. You don’t have to be a member of the Press. You don’t have to be part of a specific fandom, and we’re open to all ships, genres, formats, etc! You don’t have to post fills on the corresponding day, though we ask that if you’re writing for a day that hasn’t happened yet, please wait for that day to post.

This is a low-pressure event, held all in good fun, and we look forward to seeing what you create!

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