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Stretch Goals and Add Ons Updates!

We’ve reached our second stretch goal, which means all our authors will get a raise, from 1 cent a word to 2 cents a word, which doubles how much they earn! This is wonderful, and good progress toward our goal of paying our authors “market rate” of 8 cents per word (if we hit $25,000, we’ll be able to do that)!

Our next stretch goal is at $10,500 (as of RIGHT NOW? only $50 away!). At that level, all backers at Level 2 will have a mage Dux sticker added to their purchase, at no cost to the backers, and backers at Level 2, 3, 4, and 5 will also receive two additional die-cut stickers! The management team is still considering our options but this one is almost guaranteed:

The words "Add Magic to Taste" with a rainbow gradient within the letters.

Considering the rate at which we’ve been accruing backers, and that we’re less than $300 from the “two more die-cut stickers” goal, we are prepared to guarantee that we’ll hit this level before the end of the campaign – and we may even hit it today! (especially if those of you who have already done so much to help us succeed continue to help us spread the word about this project!)

And as a reminder: all of our stretch goals that involve merch or extra items being produced lead to our backers getting more “stuff” for ZERO ADDITIONAL DOLLARS of backing! Our two major art stretch goals – the back cover (already funded!) and the inset art piece (at $15,500) – will be included in the e-book AND print book, so backers at all five levels will receive them (though only level 3+ will get a print of the art!). Our stretch goals that include small, flat physical items (such as the stickers, and the mini-book at $18,000) will go to backers at levels 2 through 5; and our other merch items,  such as the a second enamel pin (teasers to come when we’re closer to hitting that goal at $14,500) will be added to the packages for backers at levels 3 through 5!

You can see the full list of stretch goals on our main Campaign page! But the gist is: if you back the project, and you help us spread the word and bring in more backers, and we’re able to raise more money…everyone gets more stuff, at zero additional cost to any individual! It’s pretty cool, right?

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