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Add Magic to Taste Merch Spotlight: Stickers!

A white duck faces the viewer. They are wearing a witch-style hat and wearing a necklace with a rainbow duck print on it. In one wing, they hold a book, and in the other, they hold a scepter with a rainbow orb and stars above it.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the authors contributing to Add Magic to Taste, our collection of 20 original, fluffy queer stories set in magical coffee shops and cafes, but we’ve talked less about our merchandise!

Artwork of a duck, shown from the front. The duck is looking at the viewer with one eye, and their beak seems to be turned up in a faint smile or smirk. Their body is shown from a chest view, and their wings are not visible. Their beak and feet are orange; their body is white. Lineart in black outlines each element of the piece. This is Dux, the mascot for Duck Prints Press. They are wearing a red bowtie.

For those who’ve been following us for a while, you may remember that last month we had a pre-sale for stickers featuring our mascot, Dux, decked out as a barista. Well, Dux is back for our Add Magic to Taste Kickstarter – and while originally we were only going to have one sticker, our mage!Dux, one of our less expensive stretch goals was to enable us to give our backers two additional stickers…and then when the time came to pick, we had so much trouble making up our minds that we decided to make it three additional stickers instead!

These adorable die-cut sticker designs feature the graphic design work of Alessa Riel, who created our logo, and Dux. All backers at level 2 or higher (as in, everyone who at least orders the physical book) will get all four of these stickers, and if you’re as in love with our mage Dux as we are, you can also add additional mage Dux to your order at $3 each.

The Duck Prints Press logo. It reads Duck Prints Press with one word per line. On the left and bottom sides there are eight duck prints in a row. The top left most print is brown, then green, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow, the print rainbow ending with the bottom right most print, which is white. A front-view of the press mascot Dux is on the right; this is a white duck shown from the front, with orange feet and an orange beak. The expression on the duck's face could be interpreted as a smile, a smirk, or knowing.

So, you want a fabulous collection of heartwarming queer fiction?

You want to support fresh new voices and independent presses?

You want this really cool stickers?

Of course you do!

Check out our Kickstarter NOW!

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