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The Masquerade Commences on January 31st, 2022

Welcome to Duck Prints Press LLC’s newest project: a pair of anthologies which share the same theme, but feature different kinds of relationships. For these anthologies, we seek pitches for stories featuring masquerades – the more unusual, the better! 

She Wears the Midnight Crown and He Bears the Cape of Stars will each be collections of eighteen 6,000-word stories. She Wears the Midnight Crown will feature wlw relationships; He Bears the Cape of Stars will feature mlm relationships. Genderqueerness and polyamory welcome! Where do you come in? You tell us! We want to know how you think those relationships unfold at an unusual or trope-subverting masquerade.

For these projects, we’re seeking 20 fanfiction authors who have not published their work with the Press before and who are interested in making the transition to publishing their original work! (The 16 remaining spots are reserved for authors who have previously worked with us.) New applicants must have published fanfiction, and must want to write an original story, aligned with our theme, of up to 6,000 words in length, at a minimum pay of 1 cent US per word – and with a maximum earning potential of up to 8 cents per word, depending on how our crowd funding goes. And, in case you didn’t know…our first crowd-sourced project, Add Magic to Taste? Successfully funded and earned enough to pay authors the maximum. This is a great opportunity for fanfiction writers who aspire to transition to writing professionally to get some experience, build a resume, and see their work in print!

This post is not a call for story submissions. Like a fandom zine, we’re asking prospective authors to submit writing samples and brief story pitches. We’ll select authors based on these samples and pitches. You must write and post fanfiction to apply to these anthologies, but all stories in She Wears the Midnight Crown and He Bears the Cape of Stars will be 100% original!

Want to be one of the selected authors? Now is your chance! Learn more about this project:

Applications open right now, December 15th, 2021, and will remain open until December 31st, 2021 – or until we get 150 qualified applicants, so don’t wait until the last minute! Review the rules, ask us any questions you have, prepare your submission story and story pitch, and then…


photograph: taken for Duck Prints Press by Alessa Riel.

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