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“And Seek (Not) to Alter Me:” A. A. Weston and Amy Fincher

Our second Kickstarter, And Seek (Not) to Alter Me: Queer Fanworks Inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” launched two days ago, and we’re off to a great start! We’ve already raised a bit over 50% of our total goal, which is a pretty great sign for our ability to meet our funding minimums. We are also over the moon to be named as a Kickstarter “Project We Love!” This is only our second project, and our first was also named a Project We Love (and successfully funded) – we’re 2 for 2 on getting the KS seal of “good job planning a campaign.”

We will post regular updates throughout the campaign, focusing on our merch, general campaign updates, budgeting, and of course our fabulous creators! Every day-or-so we’ll highlight either two artists OR two authors. If there’s anything specific related to the campaign that you’d like to learn more about, just ask. We’re committed to transparency.

Today, we’re kicking things off with a sneak peek of two of the art pieces in the book!


Artist Spotlight: A. A. Weston

A. A. Weston has contributed two artworks to this anthology! The one not pictured features Beatrice, and the one featured in this teaser for a painting entitled “Benedick (Disaster Bi).”

Biography: I’m best described as a jack of all trades, but I practice art more than anything else. I am a neurodivergent and queer momma of the best kid in the world.

Links: Archive of Our Own | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


Artist Spotlight: Amy Fincher

Work title: I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow

Biography: Amy Fincher (she/her) is a producer and artist with over a dozen years of experience in the video game and animation industries. She has contributed to various AAA and indie titles, including the Civilization, XCOM, and Skylanders series. Amy is currently working on Open Roads as Executive Producer. When the mood strikes and time allows, she teaches art classes and takes on art commissions on the side. Her hobbies include learning aerial silks, collecting aesthetically pleasing empty containers, looking at shiny rocks, and taking very long naps.


Intrigued yet? There’s lots more to come! Check back tomorrow, when we’ll post our first two teasers for anthology stories!

Ready to buy it yet? Don’t miss your chance! The only way to get a print copy of And Seek (Not) to Alter Me is to back our Kickstarter – and you’ve only got until April 14th, 2022!

Check out our campaign now!

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