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Now Available: The Problem with Wishes by Annabeth Lynch

From now on, Duck Prints Press will be publishing a new title each week – mostly short stories for now, and there’s loads of great stuff to come! The first of our weekly short story offerings is a delightful urban meet-cute featuring a pixie, a mortal, some delicious baked goods, and a dash of magic…

Title: The Problem with Wishes

Author: Annabeth Lynch

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: General Audiences

Relationship: wlw

Tags: british mythology, character is a barista, character is a pixie, character is a satyr, coffee shop setting, creature character, descriptions of eating, descriptions of food, fae and faeryfolk, greek mythology, meet cute, magical mishaps, new york city, past tense, pov third person limited, united states of america

Summary: It’s a day like every other at The Enchanted Cafae—a home-away-from-home and place of safety for the magical and mythological creatures of New York City—until a mortal walks in. Now Kade, part-owner and barista, has to figure out how to handle the intrusion.

Length: 5 pages/2,006 words

Price: 99 cents US

This story is too cute to skip – get your copy and read it now!

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