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Now Available: Got You Covered by D. V. Morse

October 22nd brings this adorable meet cute getting together story! What’s a lonely elemental living in the city to do? Why, share an umbrella with someone new, of course!

Title: Got You Covered

Author: D. V. Morse

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: General Audiences

Relationship: f/f

Tags: attraction at first sight, character feature: anxiety, difficult break up (past), flirting, getting together, location: hartford connecticut usa, masquerading as human, meet cute, non-human character: elemental, non-human character: fire spirit, non-human character: water spirit, profession: nurse, profession: research assistant, past tense, pining, pov third person limited, setting: coffee shop, setting: florist shop, setting: public transportation, sharing an umbrella


As an undine, Kayleigh usually found early spring rainstorms refreshing, but today she was exhausted and surrounded by humans. Kayleigh had had a long week at Hartford’s Office of Legislative Research, and she couldn’t wait to get home and literally melt into her bathtub. The last thing she needed was to have raindrops encouraging her to join them in the nearest puddle She had to hold herself together long enough to manage the bus ride home to her empty apartment.

She didn’t have an umbrella.

Length: 8 pages/2,566 words

Price: 99 cents US

This story is too sweet to skip – Give it a Read and See For Yourself!

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