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New Release: “A Shield For the People” by Puck Malamud

What’s that sound? A creature moving in the forest? A ghost in the attic? A stirring in the graveyard? No! It’s just the third of our “Eerie Fall” theme stories, written to be released in conjunction with our current Kickstarter campaign – “Eerie Animal” Enamel Pins!

Title: A Shield For the People

Author: Puck Malamud

Genre: Historical with Magic

Rating: General

Character Features: jewish, non-human, trans, vampire

Tags: death and dying, monster hunting, past tense, period-typical antisemitism, pov third person limited, rape/non-con (implied), the undead, violence (non-graphic descriptions)


Sha’ul walked through the empty streets of the shtetl, listening to the sounds made by the residents as they settled in for the night—banking fires, salting doorways, barring shutters. It was a clear evening; the waning moon and the stars lit his steps sufficiently. The cool breeze of early autumn brought fear-scent to his nostrils.

The whole village stank of it.

Length: 8 pages/1.878 words

Price: 99 cents US

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