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New Erotica Release: “so he won’t fly away” by Tris Lawrence

Happy December everyone! New month brings us a new theme! We’ve got at least three stories coming out in December based on the theme “The Holidays.” We encouraged authors to take a loose definition of what counts as “the holidays,” so expect a range from “literally actually about a December holiday” through “holidays of the author’s own invention” through “a holiday is mentioned but not prominent in the story.”

For our first “holiday” story, we’ve got a time stamp/after-story for Tris Lawrence’s novel Commit to the Kick, about Alaric and Chris and the events that occur during winter break between Christmas and New Years! Note that while this story is technically stand-alone, it’ll make a lot more sense if you’ve read Commit to the Kick!

Title: so he won’t fly away

Author: Tris Lawrence

Series: Welcome to Pine Hills University/Twinned

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: Erotica

Trigger Warnings: death of a sibling (implied), miscarriage (mentions of)

Relationships: dom/sub (subtext), established relationship, family, interspecies relationship, m/m, siblings

Character Features: animal transformation (bird), animal transformation (dog), animal transformation (dragon), animal transformation (other), anxiety, bipoc, non-human character

Tags: anal fingering, christmas, college setting, fraught family dynamics, hand job, manhandling, modern with magic, penis in anus sex, politics, pov third person limited, present tense


Alaric has been named heir for his Clan community, but that hasn’t fixed his relationship with his father or resolved the issues that come with having a very human partner in Chris. His first official political Conclave is complicated, his anxiety heightened under the weight of expectations. Maybe Chris can anchor him so he won’t fly away…

Length: 21 pages/7,862 words

Price: 1.99 US

Add some fascination to your Saturday – get your copy now!

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