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New Duck Prints Press Social Media Presences: Mastodon and Cohost!

DPP Header and Slogan

With how events at Twitter are unfolding, and the attention that their decline has brought to new platforms, Duck Prints Press has created two new social media accounts, on the Mastodon server The Petting Zoo and cohost! We’re not very active yet on either, but starting within the next week or two we expect to at minimum begin cross-posting our weekly blog features to both platforms. We’re looking at other platforms such as Hive (still down after a server-breach) as well; we’re well aware that cohost and Hive in particular aren’t quite ready for the influx of new users they’ve gotten, and we’re monitoring them and taking extra care with our information there.

Duck Prints Press on Mastodon:

Duck Prints Press on cohost!:

These accounts are, of course, in addition to our existing social media accounts! We cross-post posts about our publications and our weekly informational blog posts across all platforms; the main difference in content on each is what we reblog/retweet/share from outside sources. And of course, the form our posts takes depend on the platform – Instagram is image-heavy, Twitter is short posts and links, etc.









Patreon (no backing necessary for many posts!):

ko-fi (no backing necessary for many posts!):

We also have accounts on Archive of Our Own, Goodreads, Kickstarter, and Redbubble, but those don’t function as social media.

Lastly, if you want to make sure you always hear the latest from Duck Prints Press, sent straight to your e-mail, make sure you sign up for one or more of our mailing lists!

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