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Reminder: Back Us on Patreon or ko-fi, Get Free Stuff!

There are only three days left to back us on Patreon or ko-fi and get a freebie – or help promote/boost our posts about the giveaway and get entries to win a print copy of Add Magic to Taste! Need a refresher on the giveaway? This is your moment!

Duck Prints Press, the Indie Press owned by @unforth, founded by fancreators to help fanartists and fanfiction writers publish their original creations, with an emphasis on works featuring LGBTQIA+ characters, needs YOU!

To help us maximize the amount of money we can pay to creators as royalties, we rely on our Patreon and ko-fi to help pay our overhead costs. In exchange for this support, we offer a bunch of cool rewards for people who choose to back us, with levels ranging from $3 to $25/month. All backer levels include access to our Discord, behind-the-scenes blog posts, voting rights on polls that decide anthology and monthly story themes, and at least one free short story per month. At higher levels, backers get exclusive merchandise, bonus stories, free selections from our book catalog, extras for supporting our crowdfunding campaigns, and more!

Become a backer of Duck Prints Press, and you get your choice of one of three two backer-exclusive extras previously only available to Patreon and ko-fi backers who also backed our crowdfunding campaigns! We have limited supplies of these extras, and we’ll send them out on a first-come, first-serve basis; once we’re out, we’re out, and we’ll never be producing more of any of these! (We’re OUT of the DPP magnets.) Or, if none of these are to your taste, you’re welcome to pick any one merch item priced $5 or less from the Merchandise section of our website. There, we’ve got bookmarks, stickers, key chains, magnets, and more! Also, all current backers will get to pick one freebie, too, as a big THANK YOU for their support thus far.

Don’t want to be a backer but want to help us spread the word? Well, have we got a giveaway for you! To encourage people to share this post, we’re offering a free copy of our first print anthology Add Magic to Taste, which features 20 sweet, fluffy, queer stories set at magical coffee shops, tea houses, and bakeries. There are only six mint, print copies of this book left, and they’re not for sale—this is the rare chance to get one for yourself!

Want help a small, fan-run independent business get more support, and maybe win something awesome for your efforts? Then enter the giveaway! You get one entry for liking this post, and one entry per reblog for up to three reblogs! We’ll also give entries for sharing our posts on other platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with the same limits (one entry per like, up to three entries for sharing/retweeting/etc.). (Note: we will NOT give entries for people making their own posts. We love when people make their own posts, but they’re too difficult for us to track for giveaway purposes).

Stuff for us, stuff for you—couldn’t be better! Don’t miss your chance: this event ends January 31st, 2023!

Want to enter?

You can get entries by liking or commenting on THIS POST, and/or you can reblog, retweet, share, or otherwise boost our posts on other platforms!

TL:DR: Duck Prints Press is a small-but-growing indie press working with fancreators. Become a backer on Patreon or ko-fi during January, 2023, and get all the backer rewards associated with the backer level you select PLUS a freebie worth up to $5. Help spread the word, get entries to win a fabulous print anthology available nowhere else!

Get involved NOW!

(For all legalese related to this promotional event and giveaway, go to this link! Make sure you check it out.)

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