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Announcing: The Patreon/ko-fi Promotion Giveaway Winner!

As any of our followers surely have seen many, many times at this point, we ran a giveaway in January to help promote the benefits of backing us on Patreon or ko-fi monthly. The promotional event was a wonderful success – we gained 19 backers and almost $100/month in funding! On Wednesday, after the event ended, we compiled all the entries across our Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Dreamwidth (we have other platforms, but those are the ones that we included in the event). We got 608 entries!



We messaged wanderingcas right away (and are sharing that she’s the winner with her permission), heard back just as quickly, and yesterday we put her copy of Add Magic to Taste in the mail!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered by liking, reblogging, sharing, retweeting, or otherwise boosting our post, and an enormous WELCOME to all our new backers and followers.

Feel free to drop us a note any time! We’re happy to chat, answer questions, discuss writing, talk about publishing, or just say hi!

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