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C-Novels Available in English Translation

Official artwork from the danmei novel “Thousand Autumns” by Meng Xi Shi.

Originally posted on unforth’s fandom blog “cnovelartreblogs.”

A few weeks ago, a few of my danmei-loving friends and I got to talking about how much there is that we want to read, but that none of us have been very organized about keeping track of titles, fantranslation links, etc.

So, we decided to make a spreadsheet.

AND to combine every link we’d each separately stashed around on that spreadsheet.

The result is a list of 73 titles (currently 70 are danmei, 2 are baihe, and 1 is gen, reflecting our personal interests/preferences) with links to translations, some complete, some not. (as of 2/5/23)

Love C-Novels? Especially danmei? Looking for something to read? Check it out!

Some notes:

  1. This is specifically for English translations from Chinese titles. Though some of the links do include other works (for example, some translators also do Japanese, and some Carrds list fantranslations in multiple languages), we’re English speakers who are interested in Chinese novels, so we focused on that.
  2. Currently, this is mostly basic information (titles, authors, links), with no summaries, genre tags, etc. We hope to ultimately expand it but that will be a lot of work and the information is already available at the provided NovelUpdates links, so we encourage you to use those.
  3. We make no claims that this list is exhaustive; while the first sheet lists the resources we had collectively already gathered, there’s a second sheet with things we know of and intend to add.
  4. We’ll try to keep links and such up-to-date but if you spot a problem please let me know!
  5. Know of something that’s not on the main list OR on the “to add” page? Please do send the info my way! Comments or ask box stuff will help.
  6. Note that to actually access the fantranslations, you’ll often need to take additional action to read them – you may need to request access, or get a password, etc. How to get this access is usually included on the pages.
  7. Known official translations are listed. We will not link fantranslations for titles that are out officially in English. Don’t send them. Don’t ask for them. We won’t help you pirate these titles.
  8. Don’t forget to thank and respect translators, and honor their wishes! Without fantranslators, we wouldn’t have all this amazing stuff to read in English, so THANK YOU FANTRANSLATORS!


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