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New Novelette Release: “In Good Company” by Nicola Kapron

If you love your stories dark, your doves dead, and your husbands murdery, have we got a story for you…

Title: In Good Company

Author: Nicola Kapron

Genre: Modern

Rating: Mature

Trigger Warnings: body horror, child abuse, death of a child (past), death of a parent (past), harm to children, suicide (past) (mentions of), violence (graphic descriptions), vomiting (mentions of)

Relationship: enemies to friends, friends to enemies (platonic), m/m, murder husbands

Character Features: bipoc, doctor, murderer, ptsd, serial killer, vigilante

Tags: attraction at first sight, drug addiction (mentions of), drug use (non-consensual), human trafficking (mentions of), imprisonment, kidnapping, past tense, pov third person limited, terminal illness (mentions of), war crimes


Haruki no longer remembered what had been going through his head the first time he’d killed. All he recalled was the sight of those he’d once loved with all the helpless force of a scared, scarred child covered in red and utterly still. He hadn’t felt grief or triumph when he realized they weren’t struggling anymore. He’d just felt—


Better to be hollow than to despair.

Length: 29 pages/11,761 words

What’s Saturday without a little scare? Read your fill with In Good Company by Nicola Kapron!

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