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“The Fairy Garden” by Rhosyn Goodfellow

The theme we offered as inspiration to our authors for the month of March was “The Language of Flowers,” and this week’s release is the first of two stories we got written to that theme! Rhosyn Goodfellow offers up a story about a child in danger, the grandmother who loved her, and the fairies she hopes will assist her when she needs their help most…

Title: The Fairy Garden

Author: Rhosyn Goodfellow

Genre: Modern with Magic

Rating: General Audiences

Trigger Warnings: bad parenting, child abuse, death of a grandparent (off-screen), gore (non-graphic descriptions), violence (non-graphic descriptions)

Relationship: family

Character Features: child

Tags: attempted murder, child point of view, fae and fairyfolk, fraught family dynamics, the language of flowers, past tense, poisoning, pov third person limited, present tense, serious illness


“It’s best to avoid fairies, but once they notice you, you’d best make friends right quick.”

Nana Iris warned Lily about the dangers of consorting with fairies, but with Nana Iris gone, there’s no one but Lily to make amends when Lily’s soon-to-be step-father disturbs Nana Iris’s fairy garden. If Lily’s lucky, maybe she’ll make a new friend; she could really use one right now.

Read Lily’s story now, and find out if Lily’s lucky enough to make a much-needed friend…

Love Rhosyn Goodfellow’s writing? They’re also a contributor to our just-released anthology She Wears the Midnight Crown. Check it out!

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