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Duck Prints Press No Longer Uses Redbubble

For those who may not have heard, Redbubble has recently changed their account tiers and payment scale in a way that’s very unfavorable to small-scale sellers with them. As a result, many people have decided to cancel their accounts, and we are among them.

A screen capture of a page on the Redbubble webpage. It includes a list of product categories across the top, a search bar, and a shopping cart. On the left, there's a menu of "Artist Tools" with many settings; one that reads "Cancel Account" is highlighted.

The open page has a header that reads "We're sorry to see you go. If there's anything we can improve, we'd really appreciate your feedback."

Beneath this request is a text box. In the text box, the following text has been entered by the account owner (which, based on the rainbow duck print icon in the upper right corner, is Duck Prints Press):

"Your new tier system makes this site worthless to us. We already barely make any sales; the prices here are high and our supporters know we get very little of the money so they tend not to choose RB when they want to buy from us. Now when we [sic] do we'll get even less of a cut if by some miracle we make a sale. We chose RB because of the convenience of "stocking" things like shirts, which would otherwise require us to keep a lot of different sizes and styles available, but it's no longer worth it if it means supporting this blatant money grab from small-time creators on the part of Redbubble."

Below this text box, the page reads: "If you choose to chance your account: Your profile will be removed; all your works will be removed; any comments or forum posts will remain. Please be aware that this is a permanent action. We cannot restore cancelled accounts." The page concludes with a button, on which the text reads: "Yes I'm serious - cancel my account."

The image implies that account owner, Duck Prints Press, has subsequently clicked the "Yes I'm serious" button.

In case anyone was wondering how I and the Duck Prints Press team feel about the changes to Redbubble, this is how.

I felt like it was very important that they understand that this was directly tied to their money grab.

When I asked the team, last meeting, if they thought I should delete the account (after I explained to them what happened), I got three different people instantly reply with the exact same words:

Yeet them into the void.

So. Redbubble has been yeeted.

The last two+ years, the only merchandise available on our Redbubble has been shirts, because they are expensive to stock when sizing and such are taken into account. We will be looking into other vendors for providing on-demand shirt production, and we are considering several already. We’ll post more information when we’ve made a choice! In the meantime, if you want a Duck Prints Press, feel free to get in touch and we can add you to a list of people to notify when they are available again.

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