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One Day Left to Apply to Duck Prints Press’s Next Anthology!

There is only ONE DAY LEFT to apply to our upcoming anthology Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica.

Missed all the details on this project? I’ve got you covered!

We’re recruiting fanauthors to contribute to our FIRST EVER erotica anthology: Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica.

Ready for the specifics?

  • authors! 17 fanauthors (18+ ONLY!) interested in publishing their original work.
  • stories! 17 new and never-before-shared, ranging from 5,000 to 7,500 words
  • plots! Must feature people in polyamorous relationships getting into tropey, erotic situations
  • pay! We’re paying a minimum of $75 per story (and it’ll go up if we crowdfund enough!)
  • polyamory! The smut must include at least 3 entities engaging in sexy times
  • tropes! We’ve compiled a list of 30 of our favorite tropes – all stories must include AT LEAST ONE of the tropes on our list!

If you saw “polyamorous” and “erotica” and “tropey” and went “OMG SIGN ME UP” then we encourage you to use these links to read everything you need to know about applying!

Applications close June 5th, 2023, and we will probably not be opening public applications to work with Duck Prints Press again until early 2024! So if you think you want to write with us, this is a GREAT moment to take the plunge and throw your hat into the application ring!


(are you a returning author – who has already worked with us on an anthology story and/or other story? you can apply using THIS FORM!)

Have questions? Please drop us an ask on Tumblr or e-mail us at, we’d be happy to give you all the deets!

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