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June Erotica Releases: 2 New Erotic Titles from Duck Prints Press!

Happy Second Thursday of June!! This month, we’re rolling out a new release schedule – all our erotica stories now come out on the second Thursday of the month, and all general imprint titles (6 in June!) will come out on the fourth Thursday of the month (June 22nd, in this case). We’re excited about this change, and we hope you will be too!

This Thursday, we’ve got two new stories for you!

Title: Things We Know, But Don’t Recall (Part 2 of the Sunrise Over the Black Forest ‘verse)
Author: Lyn Weaver

M/M, Gothic Fantasy, human/vampire

Sevan has no memories from before he was turned into a vampire. Aimless and abandoned by his creator, he lives a listless existence in the Black Forest, an ancient wood that he’s tied his unlife to so he won’t need to feed from humans.

And then a new human arrives in the forest, and even though Sevan doesn’t need to eat to survive, now, he hungers.

The first story of the Sunrise Over the Black Forest series introduced us to Sevan and Kel, a vampire lord and a priest in a relationship. This prequel shows us how they first met, from Sevan’s point of view!

Title: This Treatment for Chronic Pain has an Unbelievable Side Effect!
Author: Xianyu Zhou

M/NB, Modern with a Splash of Magic, Doctor/Patient (no consent issues)

Zeta has been very pleased with his new chronic pain treatment – he’s feeling a lot better. He’s also been pleased with the treatment’s primary side effect – improving his sexual performance.

Or at least he was pleased…until he gets an erection that won’t go down.

So now he has to suffer the mortifying ordeal of going to the doctor to discuss his newest problem and, even worse, he’s being treated by his crush, Dr. Anyang.

So take a look and who knows – maybe you’ll find your new favorite story!

Have lots of our fics you want to read? We’re also introducing something else new this June – bundles! Now available: a bundle of all six erotica stories that Duck Prints Press has released during the spring of 2023, featuring works by A. L. Heard, boneturtle, R. L. Houck, Lyn Weaver, and Xianyu Zhou! Get them all – and at a discount! – and read your fill of almost 100 pages of steamy queer erotica!

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