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“Aim For The Heart” Creator Spotlight: Kou Lukeman

Duck Prints Press is now one week into our crowdfunding campaign for Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers” and going strong – 100 backers on the dot, and 72% funded!!

You’ve still got THREE WEEKS to support queer creators and a queer-owned business (hi, I’m @/unforth, I own this business!) during this lovely June Pride Month! That’s us, Duck Prints Press, and the 100+ creators who write and art and work with us – the press created by fandom folks for fandom folks, to help lift us all up and publish our original work!

Anyway, on to today’s spotlight! We’re looking today at the work of Kou Lukeman, who created two awesome art pieces for the anthology! One of them, DeWinter’s Moonlit Dance, you’re gonna need to buy the book to get a peek, but for the other…

Coup de Foudre by Kou Lukeman

About the Artist: Kou Lukeman is an artist, composer, writer, and video-game developer. His long-term goal is to someday lead a video-game company that makes video games by queer and neurodivergent people. Kou identifies as queer, neurodivergent, and is proud to be both. He is an avid Final Fantasy 14 player, a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and video games have inspired Kou to create from a very young age. While his main creative interests tend to be in queer and neurodivergent horror, Kou also dabbles in fantasy as a genre. He is currently working on releasing his first few games and a graphic horror novel about neurodiversity and queer people in society.

Link: Instagram

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