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“Aim For The Heart” Creator Spotlight: Jagoda Zirebiec

Today’s creator spotlight for Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers” (the awesome fanwork-ful anthology that Duck Prints Press is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter!) has made three contributions to this anthology, creating two full-page art pieces for the book’s interior AND making the bookmark!

Meet Jagoda Zirebiec…


This bookmark, 2 in x 9 in (5 cm x 23 cm), will be printed on thick paper in high gloss, will have contributor signatures on the back, and will have a shimmery gold tassel to accent the rich yellow and orange tones of the artwork!

We’re also giving you a teaser for one of Jagoda Zirebiec’s interior contributions – to see the other, you’ll have to buy the book!

Knight Commander by Jagoda Zirebiec

About the Artist: Hiya! I’m Jagoda or MizuShiba. I am a game dev artist currently working on a few unannounced titles. In my spare time I love to join collaborative projects like this, or charity Zines. This is my first project with DPP and hopefully not last!

I’m located in Poland and currently live here with my family. Aside from art, I’m interested in collecting dice and playing ttrpgs with friends.

Links: ArtStation | Tumblr | Twitter

Our Kickstarter is SO CLOSE to being funded – so come on over, learn all about it, appreciate this creator and our others, and maybe grab yourself a copy…

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