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Pride Bundle 2023 Donations and Accountability!

Our Pride Bundle sale has concluded, and (enough of) the funds earned have cleared, and so today is donation day!

First, for accountability, here’s the sales data from our webpage:

We ended up selling the same number of each bundle – 23 General Imprint bundles, 23 Erotica Imprint Bundles.

The Press is donating the same percentage of our earnings across the board – about 40% of our “share”, which is itself about 25% of the net (post-processing fee) value of the sales. Several authors also opted to donate part or all of their shares to the charities. I’m not getting specific here because I don’t want our authors to feel pressured to donate more than they’re able to, so I apologize that this isn’t quite as explicit, but the way things worked out, after fees and everything, 35.71% of the GROSS proceeds from the General Imprint Bundle and 40.56% of the GROSS proceeds from the Erotica Imprint Bundle are to be donated. This includes the Press share and the shares for the volunteer authors. The breakdown works out as follows (all amounts are USD):

Gross sales: $907.51
Processing Fees: $39.05

Net Sales: $868.46
Press Share (pre-donation): $217.11
Collective Share to Split Among the Authors (Including to-be-donated shares): $651.34

As such,

Total Amount Collected for Charity: $346.08

We decided to round this up to $350, since that’s a nice, even number, and so we’ve donated $175 to each of the charities!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event such a success for Duck Prints Press, our authors, and our chosen charities!

We’re already planning to do Pride Bundles for Charity again next year, so if you haven’t already followed us on social media, signed up for our newsletter, or backed us on Patreon, this would be a great moment to do so, to ensure that you don’t miss out on your next opportunity to get yourself some amazing stories and help us help others!

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