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August Patreon-Exclusive Erotica: “Weather the Storm” by Lyn Weaver

Looking for a deliciously unusual and sexy story this Wednesday? Have we got a treat for you – the newest release by Sunrise Over the Black Forest author Lyn Weaver!

Title: Weather the Storm

Author: Lyn Weaver

Genre: Science Fiction with Magic

Rating: Mature

Trigger Warnings: body horror, body modification (involuntary), cannibalism (past), character injury (graphic descriptions), character injury (permanent), dubious consent

Relationships: enemies to lovers, fighting to fucking, interspecies relationship, m/m, selfcest (pseudo)

Character Features: bipoc, creature shifter (dog), doppelganger, masochist, non-corporeal, non-human character, shapeshifting

Tags: be gay do crime, belly bulge, biting, blood drinking, dystopia, first kiss, knotting, metaphysics, past tense, penis in anus sex, pov third person limited, size kink


The first time Rain had seen the conceptual entity he called Cerberus, he’d been dying. That tracked. Encountering a conceptual entity was usually the last thing one did. Cerberus hadn’t been the one killing him, though. Shattered machinery, Mirror exposure, and his own armour unit had been responsible for that. The metal stabbed through him hadn’t killed him quickly enough. It had begun fusing with his ravaged body while flesh and steel both unraveled into the ever-present glittering haze. He’d been lying on his back, drifting in and out of consciousness, struggling to hold himself together as his very self dissolved at the seams, when he heard it. A voice. A real one, not an echo.

Someone had been standing over him, looking down.

No. Something. A huge black dog made of storm clouds and lightning, eyes and mouths crackling with terrible light.

Length: 17 pages/5,892 words

This new release is ONLY available to Patreon backers at the $10/month and $25/month. Become a backer, and read it – and over 50 other stories available to our supporters – now!

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