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Cover Reveal! “Many Drops Make a Stream” by Adrian Harley

Duck Prints Press is over the moon to share the cover for Adrian Harley’s debut wlw fantasy novel Many Drops Make a Stream!

A memory-stealing cult.
The ever-watchful City of Eyes.
Making small talk.

Join Droplet as she faces all these horrors and more…

Vigilante shapeshifter Droplet has trained her entire life to take down those with more power than scruples, but she still makes mistakes. When a rescue mission goes wrong, a memory-stealing cult of blood mages escapes with kidnapped captives in tow. To save them, Droplet reluctantly teams up with the outgoing, tenacious Azera. Droplet knows better than to trust a human—she made that mistake once, and that person’s betrayal scattered her community across the known world—and she can tell Azera is hiding secrets behind her sunny smile. But if they can’t learn to work together, even Droplet’s own memories could be lost.

Pre-orders for Many Drops Make a Stream open on September 15th, 2023!

Between now and the pre-order campaign’s launch, we’ll be sharing story teasers, getting to know more about Adrian Harley, revealing the campaign merchandise, and more! Want to make sure you don’t miss a thing? Make sure you follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.

And, there’s an awesome, exclusive extra for people who support us on Patreon and back the pre-order campaign, so there’s no time like the present to become a monthly Duck Prints Press backer!

All credit in the world to the amazing Roui Cris (Tumblr | Twitter | Artstation) for their gorgeous work on this cover.

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