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Past Betrayals and Current Conundrums in Today’s “Many Drops Make a Stream” Teaser

Many Drops Make a Stream, the debut novel by Adrian Harley, will become available for pre-orders starting on September 15th. Our countdown til then continues with our third excerpt from the story!

Droplet wasn’t about to trust a stranger again, let alone a human. She’d made that mistake before, and too many people had paid for it.

But Droplet wanted to save people. The human—Azera?—had gotten that right about her. And Droplet wanted to save the babbling cat who had tried to take on her captors with a broken crate. Needed to. If Droplet had been quicker, maybe she could have… but no, no use dwelling on that anymore. Time to see what this human could bring.

(don’t miss the first and second teasers, either!)

Only 4 days left until pre-orders open! Keep your eyes on our social media to make sure you don’t miss out!

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