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Coming October 5th: Pre-Orders for “To Drive the Hundred Miles” by Alec J. Marsh

Timed perfectly to ship for the holiday season, Duck Prints Press is thrilled to revisit the novella To Drive the Hundred Miles by Alec J. Marsh with this all-new edition available in print for the first time!

What’s To Drive the Hundred Miles about?

Serendipity, WA is filled with Christmas cheer, beautiful mountain views, and trans man Will’s feminist Wiccan family. Home for the holidays, he avoids their clumsy attempts at support by hiding in the local coffee shop and flirting with Bea, a friend from high school.

The beautiful landscapes can’t make up for the the realities of being queer in a small town, and Bea wants out. Will grabs for a prosperity spell, and finds a new way to connect to the magic he’s become estranged from. New romance and optimism get them through the holidays, ready to face their next problems.

What’s this campaign?

On October 5th, pre-orders will open for this new edition of To Drive the Hundred Miles! We’ll be offering:

  • a revised edition of the e-book
  • a gorgeous trade paperback edition
  • a subtly trans-flag-colored mountainscape sticker
  • a lovely postcard with art inspired by the tarot card The Magician on the front and a prosperity spell-jar recipe on the back
  • a wooden pendant with cut-out antlers, and a matching chain

…and more!

Author Alec J. Marsh describes his novel To Drive the Hundred Miles as a Hallmark movie made queer. With a trans male protagonist and an immersive first-person point of view, this novella will draw you in and hold your attention from start to finish. Join Will as he struggles with his family’s acceptance of him, and as he struggles with his own acceptance of the potentially bright future offered to him by the cute barista Bea. Ringing in the season with lows and highs, a whole lot of coffee and pancakes, and a modest dollop of spicy f/m content, you won’t want to miss your chance to read this touching story!

Read about the upcoming pre-order campaign NOW, and don’t forgot to follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss when we announce the campaign opening!

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