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There’s No Time Like the Present to Back the Duck Prints Press Patreon!

There’s no time like the present to back the Duck Prints Press Patreon!

Why should you back Duck Prints Press?

  • support a queer-owned indie press, founded by fandom creators for fandom creators looking to publish their original work!
  • help a great, transparent, ethical small business that helps usually queer, often disabled, creators publish queer stories and art!
  • AND you get awesome stuff in exchange!

Wait, I’ll get stuff?

You will get so much stuff!!!

  • a free short story every month!
  • exclusive teasers and previews!
  • behind-the-scenes access via our Patreon blog and Discord!
  • voting rights to influence future anthology themes!
  • a discount in our webstore!
  • and that’s JUST THE MINIMUM LEVEL! You get all that for ONLY $3 PER MONTH. Higher levels get EVEN MORE!

Why is now a great time?

  • we will no longer be releasing new short stories to our website! So backing on Patreon will be the only way to get them!
  • as a result, we just changed how many stories our backers get!
    • $3/month backers now get one short story per month
    • $5/month backers now get two short stories per month
    • $7/month backers now a minimum of four short stories per month
    • $10/month backers now a minimum of five short stories per month
    • $25/month backers now a minimum of six short stories per month
  • when you back, you also get instant access to every single backer-reward story we’ve ever released! As of right now, that’s 30 free stories for backers at the $3/month, $5/month, and $7/month level, and 59 free stories for backers at the $10/month and $25/month level! That’s a LOT of stories!!!
  • Did you just buy Many Drops Make a Stream by Adrian Harley? People who back us on Patreon will get an exclusive epilogue when we fulfill the pre-order campaign! And, if you back us at the $10/month or $25/month level before October 15th, you can still get our Patreon-exclusive bonus reward (it’s a totally awesome engraved wooden coaster)! We’ll add the extra retroactively to your order, even though pre-orders are now closed!
  • Did you just buy To Drive the Hundred Miles by Alec J. Marsh? Patrons at the $10/month and $25/month level who back the campaign (which runs until October 20th!) will also get a bonus extra: a snowflake ornament!
  • and I mean, isn’t it always a good time to support a queer indie press?

So come on over to our Patreon, help us grow our Press, and get lots of awesome stuff for yourself!

Who We Are: Duck Prints Press LLC is an independent publisher owned and operated by @unforth. We work with fan creators to publish their original art and stories. We are particularly dedicated to publishing works featuring characters from across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Love what we do but aren’t up for backing right now? That’s okay! Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get previews, behind-the-scenes information, coupons, and more!

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