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Meet the “To Drive the Hundred Miles” Merchandise!

To Drive the Hundred Miles, Alec J. Marsh’s queer holiday novella, is a fantastic book – and, during the pre-order campaign, we share some gorgeous merchandise that this book inspired!

You can get:

  • a spell jar recipe two-sided postcard (4 in x 6 in/10.25 cm x 15.25 cm). The front features tarot-inspired artwork by Aceriee (Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter). The back features the recipe for a prosperity spell jar—just like the one Will makes for Bea, to such good effect, during the book! (Printed by PrintKeg.)
  • a circular sticker (3 in/7.5 cm diameter) with a beautiful skyscape mimicking the shades of the trans pride flag and a mountain skyline reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest. Artwork by Jagoda Zirebiec (ArtStation | Tumblr | Twitter). (Printed by Vograce.)
  • a deer antler pendant (1.5 in/3.75 cm diameter). This oval pendant features the cover’s deer antler motif cut out of a disc of lovely walnut wood, evoking the horned god and the wildness of the forest. (Made by the Press’s own E. Conway). It comes with a 19 in (48.25 cm) brown suede lobster-clasp necklace.

This is IN ADDITION to buying the book as either an e-book or trade paperback book – in fact, you can pick and choose and of our five campaign offerings, and get exactly what you want!

So come read about the campaign, and order your merch (and books!) now – this campaign ends OCTOBER 20TH!

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