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October Created Works Round-Up: 2 New Works by Our Contributors

A banner that reads "Created Works Round Up: October." In the upper left corner is the Duck Prints Press logo with a rainbow of duck prints around the left and bottom of it. On the right is the Dux mascot, a white duck with an orange beak and orange feet and a pleased expression on their face.

Duck Prints Press’s monthly “created works round-ups” are our opportunity to spotlight some of the amazing work that people working with us have done that ISN’T linked to their work with Duck Prints Press. We include fanworks, outside publications, and anything else that creators feel like sharing with y’all. Inclusion is voluntary and includes anything that they decided “hey, I want to put this on the created work’s round-up!”

Check out what they’ve shared with us this month…

The Dragon in the Asterfell Library by Adrian Harley

fiction || original work || no ships || general audiences || no major warnings apply || complete

summary: Five times the library dragon refused to let people take books, and one time she let them.

other tags: cozy fantasy


love is a made up feeling (so cruel and so appealing) by nottesilhouette

fiction || percy jackson & the olympians || f/f || reyna/thalia || teen & up || no major warnings apply || 2,177 || complete

summary: underneath the spinning stars, Reyna and Thalia talk about doors, death, and defiance — why Reyna joined and why Thalia’s leaving.

luckily, their relationship transcends the bounds of the Hunters.


You can check out all our past created works round-ups (since July, 2022!) here.

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