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Get to Know the Hockey Bois

Pre-orders for A. L. Heard’s novel Hockey Bois open on December 1st, 2023. Yeah, it’s a m/m beer-league hockey plot-ful romance, but what are these bois really like? Let’s hear from them in their own words…

A filled in "Character Relationship Card" template. It has two circular character images, and fields for Name, Age, Gender, and Sexuality for each character.
Character 1 is a man wearing a hockey helmet and a jersey that reads "Jensen." Name: Brady Derek Jensen. Age: 30. Gender: 30. Sexuality: fuck you.
Character 2 is a man wearing a hockey helmet and a jersey that reads "Porter." Name: Nick Porter. Age: 28. Gender: cis male. Sexuality: gay.

Below this is a box labeled "ship name" in which "Brady" has written "what does this mean?" and "Nick" replied "whoa do we have a ship name?"

The lower part of the image has a series of scales. "Brady" has marked his rating with an x. "Nick" has marked his with a hockey stick emoji. Brady commented on this, "why do you get a hockey stick mark?" and Nick replied "corporate clipart account."

The scales are:
Introverted to Extroverted (Brady marked more somewhat introverted, Nick fairly extroverted)
Cooperative to Competitive (both marked competitive; Brady commented "How are these opposites? We cooperate as a team we still want to kick the other guys ass," and Nick added "cosigned."
Frequently Argues to Avoids Arguments (both marked near the middle a little toward avoids)
Crybaby to Never Cries (Brady marked right at "never cries," Nick at doesn't cry often)
Confesses First to Awaits Confession (Brady marked first, Nick wrote "what? no! I knew first! you do NOT get credit for this" and Brady replied "You snooze, you lose."
Overprotective to Chill (Brady marked fairly chill, Nick marked somewhat overprotective. Nick crossed out Brady's mark and drew a new Brady mark at overprotective. Discussion beside it reads - Nick: "liar." Brady: "I'm very chill." Nick: "YOU BROKE A GUYS NOSE!!!" Brady: HE GAVE YOU A CONCUSSION!!!"
Secretive to Open-Book (Brady marked secretive, Nick wrote center leaning open-book)
Formal to Casual (Brady marked casual, Nick marked somewhat casual)
Gives Gifts to Does Favors (Brady wrote "both???" instead of marking, Nick marked moderate on give gifts. Below Brady's comment, Nick wrote "he really does do both."
Soft Music to Heavy Music (Brady crossed out the word "music" and replaced it with "hockey" and marked close to "heavy hockey," and Nick marked near the middle, but a little more toward heavy.
Sporty to Dormant (both marked right on the extreme end of Sporty and made their marks bigger than usual.)
Can't Cook to Gordon Ramsey (Brady marked center leaning Gorden Ramsay, Nick marked center but Brady crossed it out. Nick wrote: "i can cook!" and Brady replied "prove it.")
Reserved to PDA (Brady marked very reserved; Nick marked somewhat reserved, but Brady crossed it out and drew a hockey stick closer to PDA. Nick wrote: "is that supposed to be a hockey stick???" Brady wrote: "I call bullshit. You always try to hold my hand." Nick replied: "handholding is NOT a PDA")
Submissive to Dominant (Brady wrote "I'm not answering this. There's a big crossed-out section near submissive, and Brady wrote "stop it" and Nick replied "No <3")
Cute to Hot (Brady wrote "neither??" but Nick crossed it out and drew a Brady mark and placed a hockey stick at "hot" and wrote, "ignore him he's hot af and so'm i.")
Kinky to Vanilla (Brady wrote "no," then "I'm not answering this either it's none of your damn business" and Nick replied "he's vanilla, I'i'm working on it" and placed his own mark fairly center but slightly toward kinky.)

At the bottom of the meme, the Brady font wrote, "this was all just an excuse to chirp me, wasn't it." And Nick font replied, "no comment."

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