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Pre-Order Hockey Bois by A. L. Heard!

A graphic depicting the purchase options for the crowdfunding campaign for "Hockey Bois" by A. L. Heard. Text at the top reads "Pre-order A. L. Heard's Novel 'Hockey Bois'." Beneath this is shown labeled merchandise: Magnets: Two chibi figures in hockey gear skating. Two-sided bookmark: shows both sides, one of a blonde man, the other of a dark-haired man with facial hair. Both are white. Both are dressed in hockey gear. Hockey Bois e-book, trade paperback, and hard cover!: the Hockey Bois cover. Hockey Bois: A Beer League Romance is the full title and the author is A. L. Heard. The base color of the cover is orange, with text and a drawing over it. The drawing depicts two men from the back. They are in a loose embrace, one with an arm over the other's shoulder, the other with his arm around the first's waist. They're wearing hockey helmets and jerseys that read "Jensen 68" and "Porter 12," and there are hearts in red, white, and blue floating around them. Stickers: shows five stickers. Two are the same as the magnets. One is the same as the embrace image on the cover. One shows two chibi men in hockey jerseys hugging. The last shows the blond man in a Capitals jersey and the bearded man in a Penguins jersey holding hands. A divider separates the above images from a lower section labeled BUNDLES. "Just the Book" bundle: Trade Paperback OR Hardcover + E-Book Download. Accompanied by images of the book cover, already described. "Book + Merch" Bundle (includes three random stickers): Trade Paperback OR Hardcover, E-book Download, and merchandise, with already-described images of the book cover, bookmark, stickers, and magnets.

Pre-orders for A. L. Heard’s modern beer-league hockey m/m romance are now open!

Nick Porter has always loved hockey. Ever since he can remember, it’s been his favorite thing in the world. It’s too bad he never learned to play, he’d tell himself, but it was too late to do it now. Adults don’t just magically learn to skate and join a hockey team. That’d be ridiculous.

Except maybe they do? On a whim, he decides to sign up for an adult beginner’s class. He learns to skate, joins a team, and meets a really hot teammate… and it’s pretty much a disaster from there on out.

Almost three years after the debut of Hockey Bois, A. L. Heard returns with a new edition of this much-loved book! The text has been revised and streamlined, the interior appearance re-done, and we’ll be offering an e-book edition, trade paperback, AND hard cover! If your preferred flavor of m/m story is slow burn, mutual pining, and romance-with-plot, you won’t want to miss this, and the hockey hunks are just a lovely, delicious, not-to-be-missed bonus!

What can you get?

Can’t decide what to get? We have bundles for that…

Visit our pre-order campaign page to read all the details, access the shop listings, and get your books and swag NOW!

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