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Help Us Get Our Novel’s Pre-Order Campaign Funded!

There are three days left on our crowdfunding campaign for Hockey Bois by A. L. Heard. This awesome mlm hockey sports-romance novel has been previously published, but we’ve completely revised it and are aiming to publish it in hardcover format for the first time. But we need your help! It’s December 7th, and our campaign ends on December 10th, and we’ve only raised 50% of our funding target of $2,800.

We’re looking to sell approx. $1,400 worth of copies of this awesome book and related merchandise before the campaign ends on December 10th – but you can help us without spending a penny! How? SHARE THIS POST! The deciding factor in every crowdfunding campaign is visibility and exposure – even if you don’t want it, someone who follows you might, but they’ll never know it exists if they never see information about it!

Please, please help us get the word out about Hockey Bois by reblogging/sharing this post on your platform of choice. Thank you in advance!

And, now that we’ve caught your attention…THE BOOK!

A graphic for advertising a book. The background shows an icy water surface, like a rink, in a gradient from deep blue to nearly white. The ice is cut up as if people have been skating on it, and it reflects light. A book cover is centered over the background graphic. The title of the book is "Hockey Bois: A Beer League Romance" and the author is "A. L. Heard." The image on the book cover shows two men from the back. They are in a loose embrace, one with an arm over the other's shoulder, the other with his arm around the first's waist. They're wearing hockey helmets and jerseys that read "Jensen 68" and "Porter 12," and there are hearts in red, white, and blue floating around them. Text above the book cover reads "Hockey Bois: A Beer League Romance by A. L. Heard." The book cover is surrounded by arrows that point to text. This text reads:
"hockey players are sexy af"
"meddling friends and family"
"emotionally constipated idiots to lovers"
"grumpy x sunshine"
"mutual pining"
"slooooow burn"
At the bottom of the graphic, text reads "Pre-orders close DECEMBER 10th!"

Nick Porter has always loved hockey. Ever since he can remember, it’s been his favorite thing in the world. It’s too bad he never learned to play, he’d tell himself, but it was too late to do it now. Adults don’t just magically learn to skate and join a hockey team. That’d be ridiculous.

Except maybe they do? On a whim, he decides to sign up for an adult beginner’s class. He learns to skate, joins a team, and meets a really hot teammate… and it’s pretty much a disaster from there on out.

What can you get?

Can’t decide what to get? We have bundles for that…

Visit our pre-order campaign page to read all the details, access the shop listings, and get your books and swag NOW!

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