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Read Queer in 2024: A Storygraph Reading Challenge!

Looking to queer your bookshelf in 2024? Then join us as we host a low-key, fun reading challenge!

A screen capture from the webpage Storygraph, showing "The Duck Prints Press 23024 Queer Book Challenge." Text on the page proceeds to read: Hosted by unforth. 11 participants, 95 books added. Starts: Monday, 01 January 2024. Ends: Tuesday, 31 December 2024. Your challenge progress. (an empty bar). 0% (0 prompts completed out of 1). We at Duck Prints Press (an indie press that publishes primarily queer stories by mostly queer creators) thought it'd be fun to throw together a reading challenge to read queer books in 2024! If you read even one queer book (queer characters, queer author, whatevs!) then you'll win, and then you can have fun seeing how many of our other challenges you can meet, too. Come read with us, it'll be fun. :D. Challenge prompts. 1. read a queer book (17 books added).

The idea is simple: read even one queer book, and you can win this challenge! Once you’ve done that, you can explore our 39 bonus prompts, encouraging you to read queer books new and old, queer books from different genres, queer non-fiction books, and queer books about identities you are familiar with and those you’re unfamiliar with. We’ve been working on populating the list with suggestions (and would definitely love your help in fleshing them out, there’s so much great queer lit out there – I personally primarily read queer books from East Asia so those stories are rather over-represented in our suggestions right now!) and we’re really excited to see what books people read, what books people suggest, and how many queer books we, collectively, can read in 2024!

So as you plan your reading with an eye toward the new year, why not join us? We’d love to have you!

You can see all 40 of our prompts and join the challenge here!

And, looking for a supportive, friendly community to chat with about all your new reads? Come join our Book Lover’s Discord, too! Joining is absolutely not a requirement, but it is a great way to make some new bookish friends!

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