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Aether Beyond the Binary: The First 24 Hours!

The wrap-around cover for the anthology "Aether Beyond the Binary, A Duck Prints Press Anthology." The front cover part is on the right of this image, and shows two people of indeterminate gender standing side by side. One has light skin (white, Asian, or Latine are the most likely races), short white hair, brown eyes, and wears multiple earrings, a brown shirt, and white overalls. They have one hand raised and in that hand they wear a green glove, and above the glove, a blooming bluebell plant hovers in the air. Beside them is a Black person with long dreads and glasses. They have a single piercing, and they were a blue shirt and also wear the same white overalls. Their hands are gloved in green, and they carry a glowing tablet. Plants in the foreground block the view of these people from the waist up. Behind them, light swirls in shades of green and teal, with occasional sparkling stars interspersed. The back cover portion, here on the left, shows a small flying robot watering potted tropical plants.

The Kickstarter campaign for Duck Prints Press’s sixth anthology, Aether Beyond the Binary, featuring 17 stories of people outside the gender binary inhabiting, exploring, living, learning, growing, and changing in modern aetherpunk settings, launched yesterday, and we’ve had a great first 24 hours!

  • 79 backers
  • $4,917 in support
  • 36% of the way to our funding goal

We’re really excited about the early enthusiasm this collection has generated and wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has signal boosted, shared, liked, and supported our social media platforms, and an even HUGER T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.O.O.O.U to the people who’ve backed.

We’ve got 29 days left to raise the other 64% of the money we need to make this project a reality. That’s still a ways to go – so please do keep helping us spread the word, and don’t forget, if you’re planning to back but haven’t yet, that you should follow the campaign page to ensure you get a reminder before it ends! We’ll only make merch to sales (we usually have some extra but not lots!) so if there’s something you want, you need to make sure to back!

Here’s to the next 24 hours getting us even closer to our funding minimum…

(and don’t forget: people who back the Kickstarter campaign and also support us at the $10/month or $25/month level on Patreon get an exclusive extra – for this campaign, that’ll be an adorable acrylic key chain of the plant-watering robot in the image above! That lil fella has definitely become our unofficial campaign mascot, we all love him and we hope you do too! Mar Spragge really hit the cover art out of the park.)

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