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Aether Beyond the Binary Merchandise Spotlight: Sky-Whale Enamel Pin

Our most premium general merchandise offering for the crowdfunding campaign for Aether Beyond the Binary? None other than our lovely sky-whale enamel pin! Because the stories all feature outside-the-binary, non-binary, and genderqueer characters, we encouraged the artists we commissioned to look to the related Pride flags for color inspiration, and this is one of the results…

Artwork of a green whale flying among scattered clouds with a starry night sky behind. From the whales mouth dangles a chain connected to the non-binary gender symbol. This is the design for an enamel pin.

This awesome piece, which will have glitter in the sky in the background and the non-binary symbol attached as a free-dangling charm, was designed for Duck Prints Press by Atomic Pixies and continues our tradition of making absolutely awesome enamel work merchandise to accompany our anthologies.

Alchemy is our preferred enamelware manufacturer and we’ve had a strong relationship with them for three years, so we really trust them to make this pin awesome. 

The main body of the pin will be 2 in by 2 in (5 cm x 5 cm), the purple will be glittery, the chain will be a smidge shorter than depicted, the metal will be dark gold, and the color sections will be hard enamel.

Truly, honestly, we cannot WAIT to see this merch actually produced.

Want your own? All backers at Level 4 (Trade Paperback + Merch) and Level 5 (Hardcover + Merch) will receive this pin as part of their order. If you backed at a book-only level (2 or 3) you can also get your own as an add-on. Want one for a friend? You can add that on, too!

This campaign ends January 25th, 2024. Become a backer TODAY!

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