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Coming Soon: Mythical Creature Pride Pins and Stickers!

Artwork of an orange phoenix flying over a pink, white, and orange sky. The colors match those of the wlw pride flag. Above this, the words "Work in Progress!" are written.

Have you been wondering what Duck Prints Press has coming next? Well, wonder no longer, because here we have it – an official announcement!

Our next crowdfunding campaign will be to produce enamel pins and die-cut stickers featuring six mythical creatures in the colors of six Pride flags!

For this project, we are working with the artist Pippin Peacock (personal page | Instagram | Tiktok), who is designing all the artwork and deciding which creatures to pair with which flags. Not all the pairings are settled yet, but they will be within the next week. Our six flags are: wlw flag, mlm flag, asexual flag, bisexual flag, trans flag, and non-binary flag (we’ve got more as stretch goals!). Our creatures include the pictured phoenix, dragons, nessie, pegasus, and more!

We expect to launch this project in mid-March, and it will run for under three weeks; we’ll strive to complete fulfillment so you’ll have your lovely, awesome Pride stickers and pins during Pride month, 2024!

Want to be among the first to know when this project goes live later this month? Make sure you follow our pre-launch page on Kickstarter!

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