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Mythical Creature Pride Enamel Pins and Stickers!

A banner graphic with a blue background dotted with white flowers and stars. Text reads "Mythical Creature Pride Pins + Stickers. Unlock more Designs!" Images overlaying the background show six pin designs, and six sticker designs that are the same except for having black line art and more shading. The six designs are: a pegasus lying on a puff of cotton candy, in trans pride flag colors; a Nessie plesiosaur lounging in an open can, in mlm pride flag colors; a phoenix taking flight in front of a cloudy sky, in wlw pride flag colors; a dragon with their hoard inside a bottle, in nb pride flag colors; a cerberus frolicking in a pond, in bisexual pride flag colors; and a cerberus standing in front of a stained glass window, in asexual pride flag colors.

The Kickstarter campaign to create enamel pins and stickers of these six absolutely precious mythical creature designs is now live! Love Pride? Love cute creatures? Longing to fly your Pride colors high with some cute-but-subtle Pride beasties? You have come to the right place! We’ve taken our excitement for Pride 2024 and turned it into six precious, adorable, gorgeous designs featuring playful mythical creatures in Pride flag colors that you’re not gonna want to miss! 

Each design is available as a die-cut sticker and as an enamel pin. You can get whichever stickers and pins you want: mix-and-match; get duplicates; or even back at our highest, premium backer level and get to anoint one of these cuties with a name that we’ll use for them forever after this campaign!

All the artwork is by Pippin Peacock, who brought 110% of their inspiration, creativity, and dedication to this project, and logistics are being handled by Nina Waters at Duck Prints Press.

The designs are:

  • Pegasus, in transgender pride flag colors.
  • Loch Ness, in mlm/gay pride flag colors.
  • Phoenix, in wlw/lesbian pride flag colors.
  • Dragon, in non-binary pride flag colors.
  • Chimera, in bisexual pride flag colors.
  • Cerberus, in asexual pride flag colors (these are also the colors of the demisexual pride flag).

This campaign is running through April 2nd 2024, and we are aiming for fulfillment before or during Pride month in June.

Even better – if we can hit our stretch goals, we can offer more creatures in more flag colors!

So help us reach our goals – check out the campaign and become a backer now!

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