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Mythical Creature Pride Merch Campaign Updates!

Our Mythical Creature Pride Merch Campaign featuring (currently) six designs of mythical creatures (pegasus, nessie, phoenix, dragon, chimera, and cerberus) in the colors of six pride flags (trans, mlm, wlw, non-binary, bisexual, and asexual flags) has now been running for ten days, and it’s been going awesome – so well that we’re about to add our seventh design, also featuring the artwork of the amazing Pippin Peacock! We crossed our initial funding goal of $3,000 in under 12 hours, and we’re now only $70 from our first stretch goal, which will enable us to create pins and stickers in the colors shared by the agender pride flag and aromantic pride flag: green, white, black, and gray! And the creature for this stretch goal is…

Artwork for an enamel pin. It depicts a smiling kelpie horse with a fish tail, in shades of green, standing on a gray island, before a backdrop of white water and a leafless forest at night.

…a Kelpie!! This cutie pie loves to hang out in marshes and swamps but don’t worry, it’s only there to get some alone time in between making friends. Lovely greens help them blend in with the local flora and fauna! (Note: final design pending – this may get tweaked, and we haven’t finished the sticker version yet – this is the enamel pin design)

Also, at the risk of putting our cart before our horse, we’re also only about $1,000 from our second stretch goal, and we’ll start planning it once we’re within about $500 of it (so, once we cross $5,000 in total funding). This to-be-determined critter will be in the colors of the genderqueer pride flag (purple, white and green). I’m really excited what Pippin will come up with when I give them the green light to start designing the next beast.

And, in case you missed it, here are the other six designs…

A banner graphic with a blue background dotted with white flowers and stars. Text reads "Mythical Creature Pride Pins + Stickers. Unlock more Designs!" Images overlaying the background show six pin designs, and six sticker designs that are the same except for having black line art and more shading. The six designs are: a pegasus lying on a puff of cotton candy, in trans pride flag colors; a Nessie plesiosaur lounging in an open can, in mlm pride flag colors; a phoenix taking flight in front of a cloudy sky, in wlw pride flag colors; a dragon with their hoard inside a bottle, in nb pride flag colors; a cerberus frolicking in a pond, in bisexual pride flag colors; and a cerberus standing in front of a stained glass window, in asexual pride flag colors.

We’ve also got two of our name-a-beast bundles left, so you haven’t yet missed your chance to name one of these lovelies. Meet Jack Rose the Pegasus and Asha the Phoenix; the Dragon is claimed but remains unnamed, and our fourth beast namer hasn’t picked a beast yet. Nessie, Chimera and Cerberus are left!

So help us spread the word by sharing this post, and even better…

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