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Danmei and Baihe C Novels and Manhua Officially Licensed in English

Things are getting licensed fast enough that keeping a list like this up-to-date is basically impossible, but I saw someone asking in the tags so I figured I’d try. All titles are danmei unless otherwise noted (very little baihe is licensed so far). I’ve included Chinese titles and linked novelupdates for each title when I was able to find them, but sometimes publishers change the original titles so much that I can’t track them down, apologies.

Basically: this is everything I know of as of March 26, 2024. There might be more. I tried.

For the latest danmei news, is a great resources.

Note that some of this information was sourced from this Carrd, last updated in March 2023.

Seven Seas:

The full list of danmei novels licensed by Seven Seas is here. The full list of danmei manhua licensed by Seven Seas is here.

These titles are in various stages of publication, from “entire series released” to “license literally announced less than a week ago.” As far as I know, all Seven Seas titles are available world-wide, through major distributors and libraries, and in e-book and print formats.

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu titles:

Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat titles:

Meng Xi Shi titles:

priest titles:

Other titles:


Rosmei licenses are Singapore distribution rights only. There is a list of international partners organizing group orders here. I’ve personally placed my orders through Yiggybean, as discussed in reply to this ask. Titles that weren’t originally on JJWXC (of which there are several here) WILL have e-book editions.

These titles are only being released as print editions.

Ning Yuan titles:

  • BAIHE: At the World’s Mercy by Ning Yuan
  • BAIHE (I think?) The Creator’s Grace by Ning Yuan

priest titles:

Other titles:

Peach Flower House:

Peach Flower House titles are primarily for sale through their website and through some distributors, such as Whether titles are e-book only, print only, or both varies by title.

Da Feng Gua Guo:

Other Titles:

  • Golden Terrace (Huang Jin Tai) by Cang Wu Bin Bai
  • In the Dark (Zai Hei An Zhong) by Jin Shisi Chai
  • Little Mushroom (Xiao Mogu) by Shisi
  • University of the Underworld (Ziloi) (I’m not sure of the Chinese title for this one, sorry)

Via Lactea:

The full list of danmei novels licensed by Via Lactea is here.

Via Lactea titles are primarily for sale through their website and through some distributors, such as All titles are either print-only or e-book + print. Only a handful have actually been released, the rest are licensed and presumably in progress.

Jing Shui Bian titles:

Other Titles:

  • Dawning (Liming Zhihou) by ICE
  • Euthanasia by Feng Su Jun
  • Falling (Luo Chi) by Yu Cheng
  • Psycho (Feng Zi) by Xiao Yao Zi
  • Limerence (Wo Xichen Ni Nan Pengyou Henjiule) by Jiang Zi Bei
  • Lip and Sword (Chun Qiang) by Jin Shisi Chai
  • The Missing Piece (Maoheshenli) by Kun Yi Wei Lou
  • Raising Myself in 2006 by Qing Lv
  • Rose and Renaissance (Wo Zhi Xihuan Ni de Renshe [Yule Quan]) by Zhi Chu
  • Killing Show (Sha Lu Xiu) by Fox
  • Soul Vibration (Linghun Saodong) by Dr.solo
  • To Rule in a Turbulent World (Luan Shi Wei Wang) by Gu Xuerou

Monogatari Novels:

It is unclear to me if Monogatari Novel titles are available for world-wide distribution, but there are group orders being organized or I think they can be ordered directly from their webpage; they are based in Spain. These titles can also be ordered from at least some major retailers. Note that there has been some controversy about Monogatari Novels.


As far as I can tell, Chaleuria has not updated their webpage since April 2023, so the current status of in-progress titles is unknown. All titles are digital and/or e-book, and I’m not sure how to purchase them as I haven’t tried.

A handful of other licenses are mentioned on the Carrd I linked at the beginning of this post; I have no idea the status of those titles and wasn’t able to find information on them while putting together this post other than what was listed on that Carrd, so I’ve omitted them.

As a final note, I’ve personally purchased from every printer on this list EXCEPT Monogatari Novels (I’m holding off because of the controversy and will see how things play out) and Chaleuria (which I vaguely knew existed but nothing beyond that).

Seven Seas translation varies but the editing is general strong and the editions are sturdy and nice. Extras that have come with final volumes are lovely. I am buying literally everything they publish except for You’ve Got Mail, due to information about the author that was shared with me that the author is a transphobe. Note that Kinnporsche by Daemi is not danmei as it’s Thai (and I’ve heard unsavory things about the author – I don’t have a link for that as the information was shared with me on Discord, and I encourage you to do your own research rather than taking my word for it). No judgement if you make a different choice than me, to be clear, I’m just sharing the information I have and why I personally am not buying the books. Note that Seven Seas isn’t without controversy, especially for treating their contractors poorly resulting in them unionizing. Some people have also been unhappy with the fidelity of their translations compared to the original Chinese (I’ve been satisfied personally but ymmv).

Peach Flower House has inconsistent editing quality, but the books are very readable, and I’m excited that they’re working with translators such as E. Danglars. I haven’t bought any of their special editions so can’t speak to their extras, but I’ve bought all their print translations and will continue to do so going forward.

I just got my first title from Via Lactea last week and finished reading it on Sunday, and the translation read very well and there were minimal errors. It also came with a bundle of cute extras, which I wasn’t expecting and pleased, and writing this post has caused me to cave and spend $150 to buy the rest of their books. Thank you, tax refund. (Should I spend this money? No. Did I anyway? …)

No Rosmei titles have actually shipped yet, so I can’t speak to their quality, though the previews they’ve shared on social media (as outlined here, for example) read decently and I’m optimistic. The cover art is also lovely, and they’ve been communicative and responsive, for example they’ve already issued a statement related to a recent controversy over perceived poor marketing for At the World’s Mercy.

Tl:dr, the above is absolutely everything I personally know about mlm and wlw Chinese novels and manhua that have been licensed for English publication. I hope it helps someone.

Now go forth, and buy some books!

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  1. Thank you for assembling this list! Just a note that some of Rosmei’s titles – non-jjwxc titles – will be available in ebook as well as physical. W@G, Sha Qing, and Obsessed. Also Albert, Gold Class, and Bat.

    1. Ooo I didn’t know that about the non-JJWXC titles, thanks for that information!!

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