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Kickstarter Ending VERY SOON!

A line art sketch of a three-headed hydra lounging in a Greek-style kylix, with grapes hanging over the edge. One had is open-eyed and smiling, one laughing, the last closed-eyed and smiling.

So our Mythical Creature Pride-Themed Enamel Pins and Stickers Kickstarter campaign ends in about 5 hours (at 2:20 p.m. Eastern on April 2nd). Last night, we hit our second stretch goal, and so of course Pip immediately went to work on a sketch for who our eighth design would be. May I introduce: this precious, happy hydra? They’ll be in the colors of the genderqueer pride flag (purple, white and green).

It’s not too late to back our campaign! Check it out now!

(the other seven designs? but of course…there’s our six base designs…)

A banner graphic with a blue background dotted with white flowers and stars. Text reads "Mythical Creature Pride Pins." Images overlaying the background show six pin designs, The six designs are: a pegasus lying on a puff of cotton candy, in trans pride flag colors; a Nessie plesiosaur lounging in an open can, in mlm pride flag colors; a phoenix taking flight in front of a cloudy sky, in wlw pride flag colors; a dragon with their hoard inside a bottle, in nb pride flag colors; a cerberus frolicking in a pond, in bisexual pride flag colors; and a cerberus standing in front of a stained glass window, in asexual pride flag colors.
A banner graphic with a blue background dotted with white flowers and stars. Text reads "+ stickers." The six images on the graphic are the same as in the previous graphic on this page, except this time the lineart is black and the shading is more extensive, showing how the six designs will be different as stickers compared to as enamel pins.

…and the cutie kelpie for our first stretch goal…

Artwork for an enamel pin. It depicts a smiling kelpie horse with a fish tail, in shades of green, standing on a gray island, before a backdrop of white water and a leafless forest at night.

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