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Fandom Lexicon: H

Moving right along on sharing the Fandom Lexicon, this week we present entries that start with H! And note that we’ve continued to add to the previous letters A through G, incorporating suggestions received from readers of these posts (such as Fujin) and terms we’ve encountered ourselves for the first time since we started posting (such as CCOF). Fandom is a huge world with a lot of specialized, unique vocabulary, so if you’ve got something we haven’t included, we’d love to hear from you!

You can view the whole lexicon posted thus far here!

Lexicon Terms Beginning with H:

H/C: Abbreviation for “hurt/comfort.”

H/NC: Abbreviation for “hurt/no comfort.”

Hammerspace: An imaginary storage space that exists outside of our current dimension and is instantly accessible any time an item is needed. Originates from the way that cartoon characters can produce items (such as hammers) from thin air. May be called other things depending on the object produced, such as referring it as tablespace if the characters produce a table. Read more about hammerspace.

Handle: A user’s displayed name on a communications platform. Not always the same as a username.

HC: Abbreviation for “head canon” or “hurt/comfort.”

HEA: Abbreviation for “happily ever after.” A term used to indicate that a story has a happy ending. See also: HFN.

Head Canon: Something an individual believes is true about a piece of media, regardless of whether it is supported by the media itself. A given individual’s head canons do not need to be internally consistent and can be outright contradictory. See also: canon, fanon. Read more about head canons.

Hellsite: Moniker for Tumblr. Often paired with (affectionate) or (derogatory) depending on how the person using it is feeling about the platform.

Hentai: Pornographic cartoons/anime from Japan. Read more about hentai.

HFN: Abbreviation for “happy for now.” A term used to indicate that a story has a happy ending that doesn’t necessarily guarantee “ever after” levels of happiness but is still satisfactory. See also: HEA.

Himbo: A conventionally attractive man who is well-intentioned and kind of soft, but lacking in foresight / intelligence. The classic example is the character Kronk from the Emperor’s New Groove. See also: thembo (pending). Read more about the term “himbo.”

Hold My Flower: Quote from a popular meme where an unspecified character offers to hold their significant other’s flower while the significant other gets into a physical altercation. Read more about the “Hold My Flower” meme.

Horny on Main: Behaving in an overtly sexual manner on one’s primary social media account (presumably as opposed to using a side account designed for that purpose or not posting it at all).

Horse Plinko: A rough animation of a horse falling through a plinko board and bouncing off the pegs. It’s a popular meme/reference on Tumblr in particular. What exactly it means is open to interpretation. Read more about horse plinko.

Hurt/No Comfort: Refers to a trope where the major characters experience significant pain (physical or emotional) and receives no comfort. Often paired with Angst. Sometimes called “Hurt/Hurt” instead. See also: whump (pending).

Hurt/Comfort: Refers to a trope where the major characters experience significant pain (physical or emotional) and then receives comfort in kind. “Emotional Hurt/Comfort” is an oft-used tag if the pain is specifically emotional. Read more about the hurt/comfort trope in fandom.

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