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Fandom Lexicon: I, J, and K

Today’s Fandom Lexicon update is a three-for-one deal, as we introduce all our entries starting with I, J, and K!

See all the posted Lexicon entries so far!

Know a term we haven’t included? Spotted a mistake? Let us know!

Lexicon Terms Beginning with I:

IA: Abbreviation for the Internet Archive, also known as the Wayback Machine, a website that archives the internet. Visit the Internet Archive.

IG: Abbreviation for Instagram. An image-based social media platform owned by Facebook. Visit Instagram.

IIRC: Abbreviation for “if I recall correctly.”

IMHO: Abbreviation for “in my humble opinion.”

IMNSHO: Abbreviation for “in my not-so-humble opinion.”

IMO: Abbreviation for “in my opinion.”

Incorrect [thing] Quotes: Refers to creating dialogue for characters or superimposing quotes from one source material onto the characters from another. This can be done in text or visual formats. Incorrect [things] Quotes are common theme blogs/accounts on many platforms. Read more about “incorrect quotes” as short fanworks.

IRC: Abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat. A long-standing predecessor to Discord. Read more about IRC.

Isekai: A Japanese term for a genre of stories where a person from the modern world is drawn magically or technologically into another world, usually a fantasy, historical/fantasy, or future/science fiction setting. Read more about isekai.

Lexicon Terms Beginning with J:

J Drama: TV shows made in Japan, also called dorama. Read more about J Drama.

J Pop: Japanese pop music. Read more about J Pop.

J Rock: Japanese rock music. Read more about J Rock.

Jossed: When new events in a franchise refute the collectively agreed-upon preferences of its fans or “established” fanon. This may or may not be intentional on the part of the franchise runners. Named after the show runner and writer Joss Whedon. See also: Kripked. Read more about the term “Jossed.”

JPG (file format): An image file format, sometimes spelled JPEG. Short for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

JRPG: Abbreviation for “Japanese Roleplaying Game.” Most often refers to video games. See also: TTRPG (pending). Read more about JRPGs.

Jump the Shark: The moment when a show goes from being good to being ridiculous and bad, often because the creator has introduced elements that make no sense in a desperate bid to keep the show on the air instead of letting it end gracefully and in a timely manner. Originated as a reference to a terrible episode of the sitcom Happy Days. Read more about the term “jump the shark.”

Lexicon Terms Beginning with K:

K Drama: South Korean TV shows. Read more about K Drama.

K Pop: South Korean pop music. Read more about K Pop.

Kawaii: The Japanese word for “cute.” Widely adopted in Western fandoms, especially anime and manga fandoms.

KDP: Abbreviation for Kindle Direct Publishing, the self-publishing arm of Amazon.

Kemonomimi: A Japanese word referring to when otherwise human-looking characters have animal features, especially ears and tails. Read more about kemonomimi.

Kink Meme: A type of prompt event that originated on Livejournal but has since migrated to other platforms. These moderated events allow people to (anonymously or otherwise) submit a kink prompt (though most also allow non-kink prompts), and anyone who wants to may create a fanwork that satisfies the requests made in the prompt. Read more about kink memes.

Kink Tomato: Made-up pronunciation for the abbreviation YKINMKATO, which stands for “your kink is not my kink and that’s okay.” See also: YKINMKATO (pending).

Know Your Meme: A website that explains different meme formats and their history. Visit Know Your Meme.

Kripked: When new events in a given franchise unfold in a way that matches the collectively agreed-upon preferences of its fans or “established” fanon. This may or may not be intentional on the part of the franchise runners. Named after one of the original creators of Supernatural, Eric Kripke. See also: Jossed. Read more about the term “Kripked.”

KS: Abbreviation for Kickstarter. A crowdfunding platform. Visit Kickstarter.

KU: Abbreviation for Kindle Unlimited, an unlimited e-book reading program with a monthly fee run by Amazon.

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