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Fandom Lexicon: L

Moving right along, today we have a modest-sized Lexicon addition – entries beginning with the letter L! With this post, we cross more than half of all entries posted – the alphabet entries skew earlier in the alphabet – but we’re still a week off from being halfway through the alphabet.

Check out the entire Lexicon posted to date!

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Lexicon entries beginning with L:

LARP: Abbreviation for “Live Action Roleplaying.” An event where individuals create character profiles per a specified game system, dress up as those characters (optional), and roleplay in person over a period of time. Often includes magical and battle elements through proxies like chalk balls and padded weapons. Should not be confused with the SCA, Renaissance fairs, or cosplay. See also: Boffing. Read more about LARPing.

Lemon: See Citrus Scale.

LG: Abbreviation for “lesbian and gay.” An old abbreviation for grouping lesbian and gay people. When used in modern contexts, it’s often chosen intentionally to exclude bisexual and transgender individuals (because biphobia and transphobia).

Lik the Bred: The last line of a poem that inspired a genre of meme poetry. Read more about the meme “lik the bread.”

Lime: See Citrus Scale.

Listmom: A person, usually a women, who runs/moderates a mailing list. Read more about listmoms.

Listserv: Essentially a way to create email rings for communication. Originally the name of a specific service/program, it often has been applied and used more generally to refer to mailing lists. A primary method for fans to communicate in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Listserv is still available. Read more about Listserv.

Livejournal Strikethrough: See Strikethrough (pending).

Livestream: A real-time video stream, especially common as a way of people sharing with others as they play a video game. Twitch is currently the primarily platform where livestreams are hosted, though places like YouTube and Discord sometimes have them, and historically there have been other services for them as well.

LJ: Abbreviation for Livejournal. A blogging platform that was a popular fandom gathering point in the early 2000s. Due to Livejournal’s actions against queer works and their acquisition by a Russian company in 2012, use for LJ has significantly declined, but the webpage does still exist. Visit Livejournal.

Loaf: Originally, a term for any creature (but especially a cat) who has lain down in a way that they have come to resemble a loaf of bread. Usage has expanded from there.

Loli: See Lolicon.

Lolicon: Portmanteau of the words “Lolita” and “complex.” A Japanese genre that focused on young or young-looking female characters, often sexually. Not to be confused with Lolita fashion. See also: Shotacon (pending). Read more about Lolicon.

Lolita Fashion: A style of dressing “cute,” often involving frilly dresses, many accessories, and “girly” colors and choices (thought it can also be all black and gothic – it’s a large sub-culture with many variations). Especially popular in Japan, Lolita fashion has fans and people (of all genders) who dress in Lolita style all over the world. Not to be confused with lolicon! Read more about Lolita fashion.

LRB: Abbreviation for “last reblog.” See LRT.

LRT: Abbreviation for “last retweet” (on Twitter), “last reskeet” (on Bluesky), and “last retoot” (on Mastodon). Indicates that what is being said in a current tweet/skeet/toot is a reference to the contents of the previous retweet/reskeet/retoot on the same account. Depending on the platform, it may instead be LRS (last reskeet), LB (last blog) or any of a number of other variations.

Lurker: Someone who spends time in an online community without speaking/engaging with others. There are many reasons someone might choose to behave this way, and it’s inherently a neutral behavior despite their being some stigma against it. Read more about lurkers.

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