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Fandom Lexicon: P and Q

Tomorrow’s a busy day, so here: have the next two Fandom Lexicon letters a day early!

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Lexicon Entries Beginning with P:

P4P: Abbreviation for “pay for production.” A term for a campaign to make merchandise, a zine, or other fandom merch where the original creator(s) will not be making a profit – the amount they are charging is purely enough to cover the cost of producing the thing they are selling. Read more about p4p.

Pedo: Shortened form of “pedophile” or “pedophilia.” Especially among antis, accusing people of being pedos is common if they do not oppose the creation of fiction related to underage characters in sexual circumstances. This runs the risk of diluting the actual meaning of the word and the real danger that child abusers represent.

PF: Abbreviation for “Pillowfort.”

PFP: Abbreviation for “profile picture.” An image chosen by an individual that typically appears next to their posts/at the top of their profile on social media sites, chat platforms, and/or message boards. See also: avatar.

Pillowfort: A blogging/social media website created in response to Tumblr’s porn ban. Visit Pillowfort.

Pinned: Term used to refer to the pinned post on a blog, which – on platforms that including pinning functionality such as Tumblr – is a post that the blog’s owner has chosen to have always appear as the first post on their personal blog feed.

Playthrough: Playing a game from beginning to end.

Plinko Horse: See Horse Plinko.

Plot Bunny: A plot idea that pops into existence but hasn’t been given substantial form yet. Have a tendency to reproduce unchecked. Read more about plot bunnies.

PM: Abbreviation for “private message.” See DM.

Podfic: An audiobook of a fanwork, recorded and published for free by fannish voice talent. Read more about podfic.

Polyshipper: Someone who enjoys polyamorous ships. Not to be confused with multishipper.

Poor Little Meow Meow: An evil (or at best morally gray) character who is also deemed pathetic for one reason or another. Read more about the term “poor little meow meow.”

Prev: Shortened form of “previous.” Generally refers to the previous post or person who posted in a thread or reblog string. On Tumblr, it’s often used to reference the previous poster’s tags on a post without copying them over. Repeating use indicates muliple steps back, so “prev prev” would be the tags on the post before last.

PRICK: Abbreviation for “personal responsibility informed consensual kink.” A term used by the BDSM community, particularly those engaged in more dangerous sexual activities, to emphasize the importance of taking personal responsibility and being educated about the risks involved in that activity.

Pro-ana: Shortened form of “pro-anorexia.” Typically used in profile taglines to indicate the user has an eating disorder or encourages unhealthy eating in an effort to lose weight. Tends to focus on anorexia but is not restricted to it.

Pro-shipper: Original definition: Someone who believes in YKINMKATO and Ship and Let Ship; someone who is pro (supportive) of shipping. Essentially, someone who is anti-censorship. Historically, in fandom, this was considered the default position and didn’t need a specific name; it came to be called “pro” shipping specifically in contrast to “anti” shipping, as pro and anti are opposite positions. Recently, antis have propagated alternate definitions, for example insisting that the term “pro” is short for “problematic,” and that anyone who uses the term pro-shipper is by definition someone who ships “problematic” shipping such as incest, underage, noncon/dubcon, or other objectionable themes. As is the way of cyclical conflicts, as a result some people who ship “problematic” things have embraced this definition. See also: anti-anti. Read more about pro-shipping.

PSA: Abbreviation for “Public Service Announcement.”

Pspspspsps: Referring to the noise made when calling a cat. Used humorously to summon people who might be interested in the topic under discussion.

Purge: 1. A general term for when someone decides they no longer wish to share their works and so they delete everything they’ve made and/or delete their account. 2. Any time a platform either changes their terms of service to exclude previously allowed material (and then deletes that material) or when a platform decides to begin enforcing a previously non-enforced aspect of their terms of service (and therefore deletes material). The best-known example of this is the LJ event called Strikethrough. Read about some examples of purges.

Puriteen: Term coined to reflect the extreme Christian purity views that are most often espoused by young people new to fandom who have not yet unpacked their upbringing. Puriteens are most often anti-porn, anti-kink, anti-sex-work, and otherwise against discussion or “normalization” of sexual matters. A major example of puriteen rhetoric is “no kink at Pride” discourse. See also: anti. Read more about the term “puriteen.”

PWP: Abbreviation for “plot? what plot?” or “porn without plot.” A tag used to indicate a fanwork contains gratuitous smut/porn, often without any plot to structure it or explanation for how the characters ended up in the sexual situation. Read more about PWP.

Lexicon Entries Beginning with Q:

QRT: Abbreviation of “quote retweet.” A feature on Twitter that allows people to share another person’s post while adding content of their own. QRS (“quote reskeet”) is a variation that has arisen on Bluesky, where shared posts are called skeets instead of tweets.

Queerbaiting: An intentional marketing tactic in which the producers of a piece of media suggest, via advertisements, interviews, or other channels that a relationship or character may be queer in order to pull in queer consumers, when the producers do not intend to follow through on that promise. Read more about queerbaiting.

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