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Fandom Lexicon: S

This one is going up a day early, because I’ll be vending all tomorrow (June 22nd 2024) at the Johnstown NY Toying Around Block Party! And here we are, with the letter S, which has the most entries of any letter in our entire lexicon.

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Lexicon Entries Beginning with S:

S[#]: Abbreviation for “season (number).”

SALS: Abbreviation for “ship and let ship.” A different way of saying “you do what makes you happy, it’s none of my business.” See also: DL;DR, YKINMKATO (pending). Read more about the term “SALS.”

Sapphic: An umbrella term for women or women-aligned people who love women, regardless of the sexuality of the women in question. See also: Achillean. Read more about sapphism.

Schmoop: Cavity-inducingly sweet or cute. Typically refers to either scenes within, or the entire setting of, a fanwork. See also: fluff. Read more about schmoop.

Schroedinger’s [Thing]: A thing that may or may not exist so long as we do not attempt to confirm. Reference to Schroedinger’s Cat.

Scrunkly: Cute, but not in a conventional way; scruffy, ill-kempt, messy. Example: Eddie Munson.

SD: Abbreviation for “super deformed.” See also: chibi.

Sealioning: A type of trolling in which the troll demands evidence to “prove” a counterargument, but no amount of evidence will actually convince them. Read more about sealioning.

Secret Masters: A term for the people who run everything; in fandom, this has often been used to reference show runners. Sometimes, it abuts with antisemitic tropes. Sometimes, it leads into illuminati and other conspiracy theories. See also: TPTB (pending).

Self-Insert: When an author writes themselves into a story as a character, typically the protagonist. Often conflated with, but not actually synonymous to, a “Mary Sue.” Not to be confused with reader insert fics. See also: Gary Stu. Read more about self-inserts.

Self-Pub: Shortened term for “self-publishing” and “self-published books.”

Selfcest: When two versions of the same character engage in sexual relations (or are simply sexually attracted to each other). For example, a character has traveled back in time and meets themselves. Tangentially related to the “would you fuck your clone?” meme, and therefore sometimes called “clonecest.” Read more about selfcest.

Seme: In Japanese mlm fandoms, the seme is the character who sexually tops. See also: uke (pending). Read more about the term “seme.”

Sex Pollen: A fic trope in which a character inhales/consumes an airborne aphrodisiac and is overcome with sexual need. Read more about the sex pollen trope.

SFF: Abbreviation for “science fiction and fantasy” as genres.

SFW: Abbreviation for “safe for work.”

Shelfie: In book-loving circles, a shelfie is a photograph of someone’s bookshelves, often showing them attractively organized.

Ship: Shortened version of the word “relationship.” Believing that two or more individuals are/should be/would be good/terrible/interesting/hilarious in a relationship with each other. Typically used for romantic/sexual pairings, but can refer to platonic ones as well. Generally, romantic/sexual ships are denoted with a slash, hence slash becoming a synonym for shipping, and platonic ships are denoted with an ampersand. The verb form refers to the act of treating two or more characters as being in a relationship with each other. Shipping is one of the cornerstones of transformative fandom. Read more about shipping.

Shitpost: 1. Something shared on the internet that is intentionally provocative in some way. 2. Something shared on the internet that minimal effort was put into and that should therefore not be taken seriously. 3. A pointless, silly post that is still relatable in some way that causes it to go viral. Read more about shitposts.

Shoto: Shortened version of “shotacon.”

Shotacon: A Japanese genre that focused on young or young-looking male characters, often sexually. See also: lolicon. Read more about shotacon.

Shou: In Chinese mlm fandoms, the shou is the character who bottoms sexually. See also: gong.

Shoujo: A Japanese genre of YA stories that usually feature groups of young women who are friends, adventure, romance (most often between teenaged characters), and are aimed primarily at teenage women. Examples: Hana Yori Dango, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura. Read more about shoujo.

Shounen: A Japanese genre of YA stories that usually feature large casts of young men who are friends with each other and often engage in match-based story lines (for example, sports events, arena fights, etc.). Aimed at teenage men. Not to be confused with shounen ai. Examples: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto. Read more about shounen.

Shounen-ai: A Japanese genre of mlm stories, usually with the relationships less explicit than in yaoi titles. Approximately a synonym of BL. Not to be confused with shounen. Read more about shounen-ai.

Slash: Gay fanworks, most often mlm. Sometimes used for wlw, or those works may be called femslash. Read more about slash.

Slow Burn: A story that contains a romantic/sexual element that takes most of the work’s word count to resolve. Can be used on works of any length but is most applicable on longer ones. Read more about slow burn.

Smushname: A smushed-together ship name, as in when parts of two or more character names are combined to create a new name used to refer to that ship. For example, Spirk means “Spock/Kirk,” Bingliushen means “Luo Binghe/Liu Qingge/Shen Qingqiu,” etc. Read more about smushnames.

Smut: Works that include explicit sex scenes. Read more about smut.

Snert: A term used to refer to someone as an asshole. Originally aimed at teenagers, it supposedly stands for “Snot-Nosed, Egotistical, Rude Teenager,” though there are variations on that and there’s no agreed-upon definition.

Sockpuppet: A fake account created on a given platform to present as someone other than/in addition to oneself. Not typically done in good faith. Also is used as a verb. Sockpuppeting is the act of creating multiple fake accounts to cheerlead someone, bully someone, advertise someone, etc. Sometimes shortened to just “sock.” The most famous instance of fandom sockpuppeting is the Ms. Scribe affair. Read more about sockpuppets.

Songfic: A fanfiction story written around (and usually including some lyrics from) a specific song. Read more about songfics.

SPAG: Abbreviation for “spelling and grammar.” A term often used when discussing copyediting, as in, “I edited for SPAG.”

Spam: Rapid/repeated activity or content sharing that may be annoying to others. Typically associated with low value/low effort content/activity, but volume and speed are the more important defining traits. Also used as a verb. Read more about spam.

Spam Liking: Going through someone’s social media account and “liking” many of their posts in rapid succession. Some people love when others do this, others feel it’s rude or even creepy. These differences in opinion are often generational and/or related to the platform being used (for example, spam liking is often considered fine on Tumblr but inappropriate on Instagram.)

Spec Fic: Shortened version of “speculative fiction,” the overarching genre that includes science fiction, fantasy, modern paranormal, horror, ~punk, and related subgenres.

Speedrun: Performing a lengthy activity in a time frame often deemed implausible or impossible by conventional measures by taking advantage of media-relevant shortcuts (for example: taking advantage of glitches, skipping nonessential episodes, and reading plot summaries). Originates in video game fandoms, where people speedrun to complete a game as quickly as possible. Read more about speedrunning.

Spiders Georg: A humorous way to refer to a statistical outlier who should not be counted when compiling data. Refers to a Tumblr post about a spider who eats 10,000 spiders a day and throws off the average spiders eaten a day statistic. A thing might be called [Thing] Georg if its behavior is exceptionally outside the ordinary and the person making the reference is amused by it. Read more about Spiders Georg.

Spork: 1. Outdated: To lovingly encourage a fanfic author to please write more (of a specific thing or in general). 2. The practice of mocking bad fic. Read more about sporking. 3. Noun: a fanwork created as a parody of a specific bad fic. 4. A combination fork and spoon.

Squee: A high-pitched happy noise, typically made in relation to a character, ship, or individual, but can also be in response to good news. Read more about the term “squee.”

Squick: Content that an individual would prefer not to interact with and/or finds uncomfortable. Not to be confused with a trigger (pending). See also: YKINMKATO (pending). Read more about squicks.

SSC: Abbreviation for “safe, sane, and consensual.” A term used by the BDSM community to define a baseline of expectations for sexual activities. See also: PRICK, RACK. Read more about SSC.

Stan: An unusually obsessed fan. Coined by Eminem in 2000 in a dark song by the same name. Often said to be a portmanteau of “stalker” and “fan.” Despite its dark origins, this work is often used as a light-hearted self-descriptor. See also: tinhat (pending). Read more about stans.

Strikethrough: Refers to when, in 2007, Livejournal performed a mass deletion without warning of accounts that it found objectionable, with devastating results for fandom. Coined because deleted accounts on Livejournal are marked with a line/strikethrough over their name. Read more about Strikethrough.

Sub: 1. A submissive in a BDSM Dom/Sub relationship. 2. A topic-focused messageboard (“subreddit”) on Reddit.

Super Deformed : An art style that puts extreme emphasis on certain body parts. For example: large chests, large heads, long legs. See also: chibi.

Superhell: A reference to the Big Empty in Supernatural, where angels go when they die. It is “superhell” because it is worse than actual hell (also present in the show), and in reference to the show title. Has come to be used synonymously with “a place where gay characters go to be disappeared from canon,” as in a variation on the “bury your gays” trope. See also: eeby deeby.

Sus: Shortened version of the word “suspicious.” A term with a complex history that became extremely common after the game Among Us became popular.

SW: Abbreviation for many things, with the most common being “sex work” and “Star Wars.”

SWERF: Abbreviation for “sex-work-exclusionary radical feminism.” A form of radical feminism that is anti-sex work and anti-sex workers and explicitly excludes sex workers from their activism. Fuck SWERFs. See also: TERF (pending).

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