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“Many Hands” is a Kickstarter “Project We Love!”

A banner graphic with the words "Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica" written over an art of the entangled arms and legs of some number of people who are lying over a flat background of red and orange flowers. The Duck Prints Press logo is in the lower left corner. At the bottom middle-left is the official Kickstarter circular badge with a heart in the center and text that reads "Projects We Love Kickstarter."

We’re over the moon to share that Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica has been named a Kickstarter “Project We Love.” This keeps up our streak – this is our fifth Kickstarted anthology, and all five have been named “Projects We Love,” highlighting our track record for honestly describing our projects, meeting our goals, and fulfilling our campaigns with fidelity.

Many Hands has also been added to Kickstarter’s July Event “Heartstrings and Hardbacks,” focused on promoting romance book projects this summer! Not every story in Many Hands is a romance, and it’s an honor for Kickstarter to decide we qualify for the event.

We introduced our new anthology in our announcement post – 15 stories! Amazing authors! Scrumptious smut! – so join us as we take a moment to introduce our campaign merchandise! We’re offering six lovely extras across two tiers – a “basic merch” level and an “all the merch” level.

Basic Merchandise

Our third backer tier includes the book in trade paperback and these three awesome items – a new Dux sticker, an art print, and a bookmark! These items are also each available as add-ons to people who back at any level that includes physical merchandise.

Three ducks standing together with their wings around each other, embracing. The left duck is white, the right duck brown, and the central duck is colored in a gradient of purple, pink, and blue, the colors of the polyamorous pride flag.
Artwork, wrap-around-cover sized, of a group of people in sexually suggestive positions, over a bed of orange and pink stylized flowers. There are six people shown in total, with a seventh whose hands are only visible. The people have a variety of skin tones, apparent genders, and body shapes/weights. On the left, a short-haired person with very large breasts lays on their back, with a long-haired person curled up by their belly, their elbow covering the lying-down person's crotch. The lying down person gazes at a mustached person who is mostly not shown, and their gazes meet. This third person is joining the curled-up person in fondling the nipple of the person lying down. The lying-down person stretches out a hand and a leg, and these are both linked to the main figure on the front over, who is smaller breasted, lying on their back, and looking at the art viewer. Behind them lies a person with a goatee who embraces them and has a hand on the thigh of the mustached-mostly-off-camera person. The last figure lies with their back to the viewer, their face over the crotch of the central figure on the right, and the leg of the bearded person who supports the main right-side figure is curled around to cover the butt of this last person.
A long, narrow art piece of a person of indeterminate gender lying down, head at the bottom of the image, crotch toward the top, with fabric draped over them to hide their breasts and genitals. Hands of different skin tones reach toward them from out of frame, cupping their breast, touching their legs, and similarly interacting with their body.
  • Polyamorous Dux Die-Cut Sticker: Alessa Riel is back with a brand-new dux design, featuring multiple dux and their many wings! Dux is our non-binary Press mascot (you can learn more about Dux here), and for this campaign, Dux is getting their snuggle on with two duck friends. 4 in x 2 in/10.25 cm x 5 cm. (Printed by Vograce.)
  • Art Print of the Front Cover: a gorgeous matte print of the front cover art. 8.5 in x 11 in./21.5 cm x 28 cm. Art by Aaron Kotze. (Printed by Printkeg.) You can view the cover here.
  • Many Hands Bookmark: this lovely tasseled, glossy bookmark features a second artwork by cover artist Aaron Kotze. On the back are the signatures of the contributors. 2 in x 7 in/5 cm x 17.75 cm. (Printed by UPrinting.)

Higher-Tier Merchandise

To get the all the merchandise, backers can support us for our highest-level tier, which includes the three “basic merchandise” items introduced above, and also an enamel pin, enamel key chain, and a citrus-and-mint scented candle! The only way to get the candle is to back at this level; the two enamelware items are available as add-ons to lower levels.

A circular tin with a sticker on the top. The sticker has a picture of a citrus slice with each segment a different color of the rainbow, and text on the label reads "Warning: Contains Lemons. Mint and citrus scent."
An enamel pin design of a dragon in the colors of the older polyamorous pride flag. There is a pi symbol on the dragon's wings.
An enamelware design of a salamander with hearts down their back. They are in the colors of the newer polyamorous pride flag.
  • Lemon Love Candle: a gorgeous mint-and-citrus scented candle in a 3 oz/85 ml metal tin, approximately 2 in/5 cm circular, made by anthology contributor Alec J. Marsh of Speculative Wicktion.
  • Poly Pride Dragon Key Chain: an awesome, cute key chain featuring a design inspired by the original polyamorous pride flag. Art is by reshipkmn. Epoxy-coated soft enamel with gold metal. 1.5 in x 1 in/3.75 cm x 2.5 cm. (Manufactured by Alchemy.)
  • Poly Pride Salamander Enamel Pin: this super sweet salamander is bedecked in the colors of the 2022 tricolor polyamory flag. Art is by reshipkmn. 2 in x 2 in/5 cm x 5 cm. Epoxy-coated soft enamel with black metal. (Manufactured by Alchemy.)

Tons of books and merchandise from our previous campaigns is also available as add-ons, which means no matter what merch you like, odds are we’ll have something you’ll enjoy!

AND you’ll get an amazing, spicy book TOO!

See something you gotta have? Come check out our Kickstarter campaign page NOW!

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