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Read Queer Stories, Support Queer Causes: Less Than One Week Left!

A banner with a faded-out background of rainbow pride-flag-esque stripes. Text reads, "ONE WEEK LEFT! Read Queer Stories, Support Queer Causes with Duck Prints Press." It includes the Duck Prints Press logo, with the name of the business, rainbow duck prints on the left and bottom sides, and a white duck standing beside the name, looking at the viewer. Beneath that is the Press slogan, "we print diversity."

Time sure does fly when we’re having fun celebrating Pride! Our Pride Bundle sale to raise money for Rainbow Railroad has less than one week left! Sales since we launched will enable us to donate $105.29, but we’d love to increase that, ideally by a lot! We’re offering two short story bundles:

Approximately 20% of the sales price will go to Rainbow Railroad to help LGBTQI+ people escape repressive regimes to move to places where they can be themselves and safe.

You can read more about the campaign, our Press, the charity, and the bundles here.

Visit our store, get your bundles, and support a great cause today, before time runs out! This bundle sale ends July 8th 2024.

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