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Learn More About the “Many Hands” Stories: Three MORE Teasers!

In case you haven’t seen, the campaign for Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica is now funded! Our base funding goal is just the beginning, though, because now we aim for our stretch goals, which are geared toward enabling us to pay our authors more. They’ll earn DOUBLE their current pay if we can hit $11,000 – only about $2,000 more than we’ve raised thus far. Backers at our two merch levels will also get an extra merch item – temporary tattoos!

Want to get more awesome stuff and help us give our creators a raise? Give us a hand in promoting the anthology!

Today, we’re sharing three more teasers, too. Today’s are from the works by contributors Terra P. Waters, Mina Kramek, and YF Ollwell!

Author: Terra P. Waters
Title: The Missing Prince


Ala scrambled off the mattress and circled it until she could see Théophile’s face. He was bound, blindfolded, and had a dirty gag in his mouth. The urge to play with him was strong, but she resisted, pulling out the gag and removing the blindfold. “Hello, love.”

“Kiss me,” he groaned. “Please, Princess…”

“Théophile,” she said, grasping Kormac’s wrist so he would stop moving his hand. “We’re coming to get you, but we need your help. Where are you?”

“The port city. Channois. They say we’ll sail with the noon tide.” He turned his head toward the mattress, letting Kormac kiss his neck. “Oh, gods!”

She grasped his bound hands and squeezed them. “Is there anything else? Anything you want to tell us?” She looked past Kormac’s shoulder and saw a shadow standing in the doorway.

“Hester,” Théophile groaned, nodding toward the shadow. “Find Captain Hester, here in Channois. Her boat is The Blue Macaw. She’ll help you find me.”

Author: Mina Kramek
Title: Shadow Dealings


“Gerald Fitzgibbons, your debt has come due.” She manifested gum in her mouth for the express purpose of blowing a bubble in his face, a pointed expression of boredom. It popped, and he whimpered. “Twenty years of wealth and debauchery for an eternity in Hell. There is no escape. Hope it was worth it.”

They always found, in the end, that it had not been.

“Wait, wait!” Gerry squeaked, followed by a garbled name that would’ve been unintelligible if Niya hadn’t found its owner infuriating yet intriguing: “Temerity Jones.”

Niya loosened her grip just enough to allow Gerry to speak clearly. “You have thirty seconds to make this worth my while.”

Author: YF Ollwell
Title: Hippie Ipsum


In the haze of smoke, Heathcliff looked gorgeous as ever. Abernathy hadn’t known him in life, only this strange afterward, but he imagined the living Heathcliff in perfect detail. There was an exuberance in him that in Abernathy was long dead. When he looked sidelong at Abernathy, flashed fangs to him and him only…

It wasn’t fair. When he wasn’t considering the object of his desire, he considered the evil, opposite-of-object—Edmund, silent as ever. He knew nothing about his master’s husband, an odd shadow over his afterlife. The two had exchanged perhaps fifty words in the last century. This was for the best, as Abernathy thought Edmund might like to kill him if he knew the way he felt about Heathcliff. He also thought, in his more pathetic jags, that Edmund would be perfectly justified in said killing. It was sick. It was wrong. Heathcliff and Edmund were committed to each other.

Abernathy turned from Edmund—who was taller than him, who was much bigger and stronger, who was Heathcliff’s Dark Intended and not merely his thrall—and settled on the fiery curls framing Heathcliff’s ear.

Fat white worms of want writhed in his stomach.

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